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ANN: Scalate 1.1 is released

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The Scalate team is pleased to announce the availability of Scalate 1.1.

Scalate is a Scala 2.8 based template engine which can be used stand
alone, with servlets, in JAXRS, with the Play Framework or in Apache
Camel. (Work on lift integration is in progress).

All expressions inside Scalate benefit from the full power of Scala
plus they are typesafe and checked at edit/compile time to ensure you
don’t leave any mistakes in your templates.

Two template languages are currently supported:

* Ssp which is like a Scala version of Velocity, JSP or Erb from Rails
* Scaml which is a Scala dialect of Haml for very DRY markup

Scalate 1.1 Highlights

* Ssp now supports Velocity style directives for more concise looping
and branching.

* new Scalate Tool for creating new projects with Scalate more easily

* improved API for working with templates from different sources
(file, URL, Source, String etc) via the helper methods on
TemplateSource object and methods on TemplateEngine which take a

* easier to configure whitespace handling via the escapeMarkup
property on TemplateEngine and RenderContext so its easy to configure
markup escaping for an entire project or enable/disable it within

For more detail see the Full Change Log

Feedback always most welcome!


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