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[ANN] New home and user/developer resources for the Scala IDE Eclipse

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As just announced at Scala Days, the Scala IDE for Eclipse is moving
to a new home,

with the main user and developer resources now hosted at Assembla,

The primary motivation for this move is to dramatically reduce the
barriers to people contributing to the IDE at all levels (code,
documentation, bug reports, related components). In the end the case
for git, a better wiki, and a streamlined build process based on
Tycho/Maven 3.0 (yes, hell just froze over ;-) became irresistible.

I'm also delighted to report that Mirko Stocker has argeed to include
his Scala refactoring project, and Matt Russell his Scala source code
formatter project under the same umbrella,

I hope that these will be the first two of many new and exciting collaborations.

We've also taken the opportunity to set up two lists dedicated to the
IDE, as user list,

and a developer list,

and I'm looking for to seeing all of you there!

The migration process is well under way, but not quite completed
(moving the entire change and linked ticket history from EPFL is going
well, but is a little tricky as you can probably imagine). For updates
on progress please follow @ScalaIDE on Twitter,

Oh, and I'd like to thank Richard Dallaway and Jono Ferguson of Spiral
Arm for all their hard work making this happen,



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