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[netbeans] Reproducible Implicits Bug in Netbeans Plugin Nightly Build

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Hi, I'm using a certain type of implicit conversion to fix a particular
design issue, and it triggers a type parsing bug.

I have two files in a NetBeans project, first is a file Main.scala that
looks like this:


package breakit

class Testy {
Main.inst = this
def boob = println("booby")

class Extendy {}

object Main extends Extendy {
var inst:Testy = null
implicit def main2testy(x:Extendy):Testy = return inst

def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
println("Hello, world!")


Also a secondfile Other.scala that contains

package breakit

class Other {

So the bug is this: on opening NetBeans, everything is fine. The first time
you view Other.scala there is no error on Main.boob. However, once you
view/open Main.scala, then go back to Other.scala, (if you view Main first
you have to switch back and forth again) it "forgets" about the implicit
conversion and you're left with an error on Main.boob, "not a member."

My guess is that it parses the types from Main correctly, but then after
parsing Main again, it overwrites what it previously had. Would this be an
easy bug to fix by any chance?


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