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Scala Programmers on the move?

With Indeed reporting that the number of jobs available for developers with Scala skills rising and the recent poll showing Scala recognition has had a marked growth within in the Java community, perhaps it's time to think about a new job in an entrepreneurial Java/Scala shop. But are you ready? What about those tough interview questions to face? Check yourself out with the Scala Exam at javaBLACKbelt.

Even for experienced Scala programmers it's fun, can be embarrassing, but is usually very informative. You can help too, by leaving a few of your favourite Scala questions to challenge the next takers, and help to improve the quality/depth of the exam for everyone.

If you are learning Scala on the fly, then you may enjoy Jesse Eichars Daily-Scala site. It's one of the neat places where you can learn about different aspect of Scala in nice bite sizes every day. Just right for brushing up your Scala know-how.


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