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Xebia: "Bright future in Scala"

Xebia, a highly successful international IT consultancy and project development organization, sees a bright future in Scala. With an annual turnover exceeding 20M$, Xebia now has an organisation of over 180 professionals focussed on Enterprise Java technology, Agile development methods and outsourcing services. They are often regarded as the defacto standard for Scrum and are seen as a leader in the Agile methodology. Guido Schoonheim, CTO talked at QCon London 2009 on how Xebia achieves "hyperperformance", 5 times the industry average, with Fully Distributed Scrum.

Xebias developing business interest in Scala was explained in a press release where Urs Peter, senior consultant at Xebia says: "More and more companies are looking for simple and concise solutions. Scala not only offers them an improvement in productivity but is also cost effective as companies can still use their existing middle-ware and infrastructure," and that "Scala enables developers to stay very close to the business logic and thus omit various meta blocks. This results in neatness and a structure that is easy to maintain."

Xebia started to share their vision with clients and other developers by providing popular "hands-on" Scala sessions hosted at Xebia and at NL-JUG's fall conference during November and December.

Located close to Schiphol in Holland with subsidaries in France and India they are well positioned for growth and providing support to any customer interested in Scala as well as to their established clients such as KLM, UWV, Prorail, Achmea, Rabobank, Compare Group and So if you are looking for a solid partner who knows the Java world and how to be rapidly productive with Scala, Xebia is a great place to start.

Re: Xebia: "Bright future in Scala"

Honestly, this reads more like an advertisement for the company than real news. This feed is usually a good source of info about what's happening the Scala community. Please don't let it become a distribution mechanism for press releases.

Re: Xebia: "Bright future in Scala"

Yes, please don't turn this site into a new "The ServerSide"

Re: Xebia: "Bright future in Scala"

I, for one, am very interested in news like this, about the adoption of Scala in the industry. The amount of company info in the news is adequate.

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