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Re: [scala-announce] Squeryl : a strongly typed (LINQ like) Scala DSL for relational databases

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Meredith Gregory
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Dear Maxime,
On the issue of class generation, i think the recent work on scalaxb by e.e.d3si9n is of relevance here. From an XSD you can generate case classes. It doesn't seem inconceivable to target your class-based schema format as an option. i wonder if there's a play here to get Squeryl to target an XQuery DB, like BDBXML?
Best wishes,

2010/2/23 Maxime Lévesque <maxime [dot] levesque [at] gmail [dot] com>

 The database schema can be generated if you have the classes,
but the other way around is not supported. It wouldn't be
hard to implement, it just doesn't have a big priority for
me at the moment.


On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 3:14 PM, Mohamed Bana <mohamed [at] bana [dot] org [dot] uk> wrote:
Can I generate the schema or do I have to type it?  E.g., the following is generated
 class Author(var id: Long,               var firstName: String,    var lastName: String)  class Book(var id: Long,             var title: String, @Column("AUTHOR_ID") // the default 'exact match' policy can be overriden var authorId: Long, var coAuthorId: Option[Long]) {

2010/2/23 Maxime Lévesque <maxime [dot] levesque [at] gmail [dot] com>

Hi all, I've been writing this SQL like dsl for a while,
and it is now ready to be shared.

I have written some documentation here :

The GitHub repo is here :

And there is a google group for
discussions, help and (constructive ! ;-))
critiques :

 Enjoy !


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