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Use Infinispan with Scala

Infinispan 4.0.0.CR4 has just been announced with many new features and Amin Abbaspour, a member of the JBOSS community, has provided a tutorial on how to use this powerful data grid platform from Scala. Step by step, he explains how Scala can be used to create high performance, highly available Enterprise scale Infiniscan data grids.

Infinispan is an extremely scalable, highly available data grid platform - 100% open source. It expose a highly concurrent data structure that is designed from the ground-up to make the most of modern multi-processor/multi-core architectures while at the same time providing distributed cache capabilities. Most of the internals are essentially lock and synchronization free, favouring state-of-the-art non-blocking algorithms and techniques wherever possible. At its core Infinispan exposes a JSR-107 (JCACHE) compatible Cache interface with high availability via replicas of state made across a network and efficient eviction algorithms to control memory usage as well as JTA compatibility.

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