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Lift v2.0 on the way

The Lift version 2.0 is close to announcement and availability. The new version, based on Scala 2.8, exploits new features of the language to improve performance for page rendering with clustering/multithreading and enhances the devlopment environment for Web applications. The new version of Lift also supports a more Ruby on Rails style development model that will appeal to many. With production use well established at Foursquare and Xerox, Scala/Lift is rapidly becoming a popular Web framework. Read more about Lift v2.0 on SD-Times (reload the page if you cannot get to the content the first time).

Re: Lift v2.0 on the way

Great news! Congratulations to David Pollak and Lift team (and of course to Scala creators)! 

Re: Lift v2.0 on the way

Yuhu!!! Great news!

I'm following you closely...

Re: Lift v2.0 on the way

Good news. I wonder why the framework's site,, doesn't show any news about it (the last one on the front page is dated 2009/02/26)


P.S.: Talking about updates, maybe it's time for a new poll on this site. The "I learn/use Scala because" already has 4679. Maybe the next one could be something like "I've been folowing/studying Scala"? With options like "since it's creation", "for the last 3 months", "for the last few minutes (just discovered it)", or something like that.

Re: Lift v2.0 on the way

 There's a typo: 'devlopment'

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