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Scala Days - Shaping Up!

A full complement of research papers is in, many practical technical talks have already been proposed and the participant registration is already growing. Scala Days is a unique opportunity for you to meet the Scala development team, meet Martin Odersky, share your knowledge, learn about the latest research and meet or listen to talks by a whole lot of individuals passionate about Scala, people like Miles Sabin, David Copeland, Heiko Seeberger, Jonas Bonér and Josh Suereth. Taking place at EPFL located in Lausanne, Switzerland on the 15 and 16th of April 2010, you will be able to choose from a wide range of sessions, from pure research to Scala production application experience.

Perhaps you have implemented a Scala application in your company. You are a developer or project manager, then come to Scala Days and talk about it. Every developer, project leader and manager is eager to learn how to be successful and avoid the pit falls. Sharing your experience can be fun and provides vital help to others. Submit an abstract and be included in the program.

Research explores technology that will soon become essential for industry practitioners. See what is hot. There are an excellent set of research sessions covering a diverse set of topics. Applying Scala to parallel processing in multi-core environments provides the theme for several while meta-languages and DSL design are prominent in others. People like Alex McGuire and Lee Momtahan found that DSLs worked well in the "real world" finance environment at EDFT. At Stanford the MPPP project uses specialised DSLs to describe problems in different disciplines. So Scala Days will be a good place to learn about the latest tools and techniques that can be used effectively in your own projects. Talk to the industry experts and get a head start on your own work.

Don't leave it too late to reserve your place. Register soon!

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