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ANN: LSUG London Scala Group meetup - Feb 8th

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Hi all, I would like to give a quick plug for the first 'real' meetup for the
London Group is on Feb 8th.

Re-Writing Java classes in Scala - and making your code lovely:

Colin (Howe) is going to present several java examples and talk people
through how you might re-write these in Scala and get a lot of benefits from
doing so.
Aimed at novices each example will have an interactive discussion with the
audience and possible solution explored with pros and cons for the best
Scala result.

Full details can be found at:

please come along if you can

andy [at] hicks [dot] net

If your interested in giving a talk/helping out etc then please let me know.

Other London events:
Jan20 - Pub get together -
Jan28 - Miles Sabin: A Brief Introduction to Scala for Java Developers -

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