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ANNOUNCE: ScalaTest 0.9.4

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Bill Venners
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Hi All,

Christmas Eve I finally released another version of ScalaTest. This is
the version, 0.9.4, which is described in Programming in Scala and
makes all the code shown in the book work. It's main addition is a
Spec trait, which is the beginnings of behavior-driven development
support in ScalaTest, and a PrivateMethodTester trait that facilitates
testing private methods. There are no matchers as yet. These will be
in the next release. There are also a few deprecations, so if you have
existing ScalaTest code you may want to look and see if anything
should be adjusted. I do plan to eventually remove the deprecated
things. You can download 0.9.4 here:

I made an announcement blog post here:

And also posted about Dashers here:

I'm most likely going to remove Dashers, which are already deprecated,
but am open to feedback about them in the forum for that blog post.


Bill Venners
Artima, Inc.

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