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Scala 2.7.7 final

A new stable release of Scala is ready, Scala includes fixes and refactorings for the Actors library, improvements to the Scala IDE for Eclipse, as well as additional bug fixes. The new release can be obtained, as usual, from our Download Page.


The Scala 2.7.7 distribution

What is new?

This release includes:

  • A fix for an issue in the Actors library that could lead to problematic growth of the underlying thread pool. The old FJTaskRunner was replaced with a backport of ThreadPoolExecutor. Intermittent termination of the thread pool is handled more gracefully.
  • A fix for issue #2380, which was causing problems to some users of the Scala IDE for Eclipse running on a 1.5 VM.
  • An AJDT compatibility fix addressing ticket #2327, related to the installation of the Scala IDE for Eclipse.
  • A fix for issue #2392, "Finally clauses don't work correctly if they throw an exception".
  • An improved fix for bugs #373737, #1896, #1930 (problem with pickler/unpickler), addressing a problem with the Lift framework.
  • A fix for issue #1535 (problem with inherited lazy val).
  • A fix for the IzPack uninstaller issue #1433, which may cause some empty subdirectories to be erroneously purged from the installation directory on *nix systems (Windows systems are not affected).
  • Support for automatic privilege elevation on Vista and Windows 7 for the installer, and other minor improvements.

For additional information on the Scala 2.7 branch, and on the Scala IDE for Eclipse, you can also read the release notes previously issued with Scala 2.7.4.

You can download Scala 2.7.7, as usual, from our Download Page. A new version of the Scala IDE for Eclipse is also available, and can be installed by following the instructions on this page.

Re: Scala 2.7.7 final



I would like to use some of the new features of version 2.8 as soon as possible.

From what I read this summer v 2.8 has been scheduled for this fall.

Can you tell me if after v 2.7.7 there will be v2.7.8 and v2.7.9 or if we will go (hopefully) straight from v.2.7.7 to v.2.8.0




Very best regards,


Re: Scala 2.7.7 final


We are issuing new maintenance releases of Scala 2.7 in order to address new issues that may emerge while 2.8 is being developed; we cannot anticipate therefore whether we will have a 2.7.8 or 2.7.9 at this stage. If we do, however, they are going to be bug-fixing releases only, and they will not add any new features to the language.

The release of a first beta of 2.8 is planned in just a few weeks now; that will offer you and all the Scala enthusiasts the opportunity to start experimenting with the new features and possibilities offered by 2.8. The final release might still be a few months away, however.

Re: Scala 2.7.7 final

The batch  files for  windows really need work.

They choke on spaces in JAVA_HOME and SCALA_HOME, which is ironic since the Izpack installs scala in "program files."


Did anybody actually RUN this on windows before releasing it??


Edit:  Your problem is that space handling is seriously screwed up.  You can make them work by mangling your environment variables from "program files" to "progra~1" and "program files (x86)" to "progra~2" but this is not a good answer.  These files need to be rewritten by someone who actually understands Windows bat files and the subtlties of spaces in paths.


Re: Scala 2.7.7 final

I just edited line 32 of scala.bat and scalac.bat and added double quotes around the set command like so:


    if exist "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe" set "_JAVACMD=%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe" 


That's all I had to do, to get it to work.

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