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Scala Distribution Content

The table below lists the content of a Scala distribution.

Every Scala distribution also contains the packaging program sbaz, which lets you easily install additional resources not included in the distribution; a tutorial on sbaz is available.

To reduce the download size, the distribution archives do not contain the full API and PDF documentation. The documentation can be obtained by installing the sbaz packages "scala-devel-docs" and "scala-documentation". You can also, of course, browse the Scala API and PDF manuals online.

bin/ fsc the fast Scala compiler
  sbaz the Scala package sharing tool
scala the Scala wrapper for the JVM
scalac the Scala compiler
scaladoc the Scala documentation generator
doc/sbaz/ manual.pdf the Sbaz manual
doc/scala-devel-docs/(1) scala/api/index.html the Scala API documentation
  scala/examples some Scala source examples
doc/scala-documentation/(1) ScalaByExample.pdf learn Scala through a series of examples
  ScalaReference.pdf the Scala reference
ScalaTutorial.pdf a brief introduction to Scala
lib/ sbaz.jar the Scala Bazaar library
  scala-compiler.jar the Scala compiler library
scala-dbc.jar the Scala database access library
scala-library.jar the Scala runtime library
scala-swing.jar tha Scala swing library
man/man1/ fsc.1, sbaz.1, ... the Scala man pages
meta/ available, ... files containing meta-information for Sbaz
misc/   folder where Sbaz packages can deposit miscellaneous files
misc/scala-tool-support/ emacs/* the Emacs support files
  .. (more) geditgenscriptjEditSciteTextPadUltraEdit
src/ sbaz-src.jar the sources of the Sbaz tool
  scala-compiler-src.jar the sources of the Scala compiler
scala-dbc-src.jar the sources of the Scala DB library
scala-library-src.jar the sources of the Scala runtime library
scala-swing-src.jar the sources of the Scala swing library
 (1) API and PDF documentation can be obtained by installing the sbaz packages "scala-devel-docs" and "scala-documentation".

 The online-version of the scala tools man pages can be found here.

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