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Scala 2.7.6 final

We are releasing a further minor maintenance version of Scala 2.7 in order to address one rare issue that could result in a "malformed Scala signature" message. No other fixes or changes are included; if you have never encountered the message above, you will not notice any difference by upgrading. The new stable release of the Scala distribution, Scala 2.7.6 final, is available as usual from our Download Page.


The Scala 2.7.6 distribution

What is new?

This is the changelog for 2.7.6:

  • Fixed #373737, #1896, #1930 (Problem with pickler/unpickler). In certain cases, for instance when using existentials in complex traits, one flag would be incorrectly set while generating the classfiles. Reading back the classfile during separate compilation would cause the compiler to complain about a "malformed Scala signature". This issue was fixed in 2.7.6.

No other issues were fixed in this release, which is otherwise functionally equivalent to Scala 2.7.5. For additional information on the Scala 2.7 branch, and on the Scala IDE for Eclipse, you may be interested in reading the release notes previously issued with Scala 2.7.4.

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