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Scala 2.7.2 RC2 is now available

After several weeks of work, we are happy to announce the second release candidate for the next version of Scala: version 2.7.2.RC2. Scala 2.7.2.RC2 fixes the parsing of Java inner classes, and various bugs that were found in RC1. This release candidate also includes a new version of the Scala plugin for Eclipse. Instructions on how to use Scala in Eclipse and other IDEs are available on the IDE Plugins page.

You can download Scala 2.7.2.RC2, as usual, from our Download Page.

The following features are new to the 2.7.2 version of Scala:

What's new?

  • Generic Signatures
    The Scala compiler now generates Java's generic signatures, so that Scala generics are visible to Java.
  • Java/Scala Combined Projects
    The compiler can now parse (but not translate) Java source files. This makes it possible to have mixed Java/Scala projects with recursive dependencies between them. In such a project, you can submit first all the Java and Scala sources to the Scala compiler. In a second step, the Java sources are compiled using the Scala generated .class files and the Scala sources are compiled again using the Java generated .class files.
  • ScalaSwing
    Another major addition is the first beta version of the ScalaSwing library, which is now bundled with the distribution.
  • Scala Collections
    There are new implementations of collection classes, contributed by David MacIver: IntMap, LongMap, and TreeHashMap (immutable), ArrayStack and OpenHashMap (mutable).

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