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Scala 2.7.5 final

We are releasing one more maintenance version of Scala 2.7, in order to correct a couple of issues found in the actors library. If you do not use actors in your code, there is no need to upgrade. The new stable release of the Scala distribution, Scala 2.7.5 final, is available as usual from our Download Page.


The Scala 2.7.5 distribution

What is new?

Here is the changelog for the actor fixes in 2.7.5:

  • Fixed #1999 (Starvation problem when lots of tasks are created from FJTaskRunner thread). This could result in the JVM running out of memory when a lot of actors were created at a very high frequency.
  • Fixed #2000 (Linked actors do not always terminate properly). This could result in memory leaking in applications that create many linked actors.
  • Disabled reference-counting actors using WeakReferences, since this could lead to memory leaks. Termination of actors is still tracked, although using a simpler scheme that does not rely on WeakReferences. In some cases, users must now call `Scheduler.shutdown()` explicitly to terminate an actor-based application.
  • Fixed a `NullPointerException` bug in `Scheduler.restart`. 
For additional information on Scala 2.7, and on the Scala IDE for Eclipse, you may also be interested in reading the previous Scala 2.7.4 release notes.


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