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Job opportunities in Scala on the rise?

According to TIOBE Scala has moved up from 35 to 27 in the programming language popularity league in the last few months. The index is considered to be an indicator of how attractive acquiring a given language skill is for job prospects or as a basis for future project development. You find Scala appearing in more job postings and a casual browse through some of the job posting sites such as SimplyHired, Indeed, MySpace Jobs or Trovit will confirm the idea, You will notice Scala is typically combined with a requirement for Java experience too. This would appear to reflect the fact that new projects in Scala are likely to interface to existing Java applications or libraries. Companies seem to be leveraging the interoperability of Java and Scala to introduce the new language.

So it would seem that if you are a skilled Scala programmer with a solid experience in the Java/JVM environment then there could be more job opportunities out there for you. Amusingly even the site name squatters think Scala  Jobs have growth potential !

The question use to be "Are there paying jobs for Scala programmers?". Now the question has become "What would I find most interesting?"

For example, you speak French and always dreamed of working in Paris writing Scala for a living.

Well you can. There's a senior programmers post with a leading on-line games software company, Mimesis Republic.


Re: Job opportunities in Scala on the rise?

I'm Spanish, I can speak and understand English fluently, I was recently laid off and these are my credentials xD

Re: Job opportunities in Scala on the rise?

ClariFI is looking for Scala developers that are willing to relocate to the Boston or Denver area. Unfortunately, we are not able to sponsor Visas at this time. Please send any resumes to me at smcfarland [at] clarifi [dot] com

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