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Scala 2.10.0 RC1

We are happy to announce the first Release Candidate in the Scala 2.10.x series: 2.10.0 RC1. This RC1 release candidate is made available for testing purposes and is not intended for production environments: a final 2.10.0 release will follow at the end of the RC cycle. Please help us with the testing of this candidate, and let us know of any issues that you may encounter.


New in this Release Candidate

This is the first RC of Scala 2.10.0 release. This release comes with a few new shiny features, notably:


Special thanks to all the contribtuors!

# Author
1054   Paul Phillips
230   Eugene Burmako
178   Martin Odersky
133   Adriaan Moors
67   Vlad Ureche
66   Jason Zaugg
54   Iulian Dragos
50   Josh Suereth
48   Grzegorz Kossakowski
48   Aleksandar Prokopec
35   Aleksandar Pokopec
25   Kato Kazuyoshi
25   Lukas Rytz
23   Heather Miller
20   Hubert Plociniczak
15   Donna Malayeri
13   phaller
12   Ruediger Klaehn
12   Roland
12   Daniel C. Sobral
12   Simon Ochsenreither
11   Som Snytt
11   Vojin Jovanovic
11   michelou
11   Micro Dotta
10   Stefan Zeiger
10   Szabolcs Berecz
9   aleksandar
9   Dominik Gruntz
9   Miguel Garcia
7   Erik Osheim
7   Erik Rozendaal
7   Paolo Giarrusso
7   Antonio Cunei
6   amin
5   Philipp Haller
4   Pavel Pavlov
4   Johannes Rudolph
3   Juha Heljoranta
2   Christopher Vogt
2   Geoff Reedy
2   vogt
2   Havoc Pennington
2   Pedro Furlanetto
2   Mirco Dotta
2   Ingo Maier
2   Scott R. Parish
2   Damien
2   Daniel Capo Sobral
2   Kota Mizushima
1   David Hall
1   pavelpavlov
1   skyluc
1   Peter Vlugter
1   Manohar Jonnalagedda
1   Dmitry Nadezhin
1   clhodapp
1   Blair Zajac
1   luajalla
1   Josh Marcus
1   Eugene Vigdorchik
1   Stephen Judkins
1   Ismael Juma

Community Projects

Special thanks to the 13 projects that have made releases available for this version of Scala!

  • scala-arm
    Scala-arm provides automated resource management to ensure all your resources are closed without all the extra work!
    Location: "org.scala-lang" % "scala-arm_2.10.0-RC1" % "1.2"
  • specs2
    specs2 is a library for executable specifications in Scala
    Location: "org.specs2" %% "specs2" % "1.12.2"
  • ScalaTest
    ScalaTest - simple, clear tests and executable specifications
    Location: "For ScalaTest 1.8: "org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % "1.8" For ScalaTest 2.0.M4: "org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % "2.0.M4" "
  • ScalaSTM
    Software transactional memory for Scala, plus STM-friendly concurrent sets and maps
    Location: "org.scala-stm" %% "scala-stm" % "0.6" hosted at the Sonatype OSS repo:
  • Akka
    Akka is a platform for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault tolerant event-driven applications on the JVM.
    Location: "com.typesafe.akka" % "akka-actor_2.10.0-RC1" % "2.1-RC1"
  • kiama
    Kiama is a language processing library
    Location: "com.googlecode.kiama" % "kiama_2.10.0-RC1" % "1.4.0-B2""
  • ScalaMock 3
    Native Scala Mocking with added macro-goodness
    Location: For ScalaTest integration: "org.scalamock" % "scalamock-scalatest-support_2.10.0-RC1" % "3.0-M5" For Specs2 integration: "org.scalamock" % "scalamock-specs2-support_2.10.0-RC1" % "3.0-M5"
  • Spire
    Powerful new number types and numeric abstractions for Scala.
    Location: "org.spire-math" % "spire_2.10.0-RC1" % "0.3.0-M2"
  • ScalaLogging
    Convenient and performant logging in Scala
    Location: "com.typesafe" % "scalalogging-slf4j_2.10.0-RC1" % "0.4.0" or "com.typesafe" %% "scalalogging-slf4j" % "0.4.0" cross CrossVersion.full
  • shapeless
    An exploration of generic/polytypic programming in Scala
    Location: "com.chuusai" %% "shapeless" % "1.2.3-SNAPSHOT"
  • Squeryl
    Scala DSL for relational databases
    Location: "org.squeryl" % "squeryl_2.10.0-RC1" % "0.9.5-4")
  • Graph for Scala
    In-memory graph library seamlessly fitting into the Scala Collection Library
    Location: "com.assembla.scala-incubator" % "graph-core_2.10.0-RC1" % "1.5.2"
  • Scala-Virtualized
    Scala-Virtualized is an experimental branch of Scala that provides more powerful DSL capabilities.
    Location: How to use: add this to your build.sbt: scalaOrganization := "org.scala-lang.virtualized"

 In this release, we've fixed ~500 issues with 798 (non-blocking) remaining A full list is here:

Here's a list of known Critical issues:

  1. SI-6479 - Tail recursion doesn't trigger when mixing try-catch, pattern matching and return.
  2. SI-6466 - Scaladoc in-page links don't work.
  3. SI-6443 - AbstractMethodError with dependent method types.
  4. SI-6299 - REPL crashes on startup if you type too fast.
  5. SI-6282 - Soundness failure involving extractors and compound types.
  6. SI-5330 - Inference regression with existentials
  7. SI-4881 - Incorrect inferred type in contravariant position
  8. SI-3583 - Spec doesn't mention automatic tupling


Here's a list of isssues that have been fixed since v2.9.2

Issue(s) Commit Message
SI-6511  e49ece4fb1  Diagram tweaking
SI-6501  e3a2d0bc4b  SI-6501 Scaladoc will correctly link to @templated
SI-6499  ee7f1e8a82  Fix for SI-6499, regression in type inference.
SI-6099  bc25fc53ad  SI-6099 - Scaladoc for scala.concurrent incomplete
SI-6505  19ea47b342  Fixed SI-6505. Respond to ask calls by immediate failure even after compiler shutdown.
SI-6458  4c7127d9ac  Deprecated instrumentation API
SI-6440, SI-6440  7a6905dc15  SI-6440: Revert change to `TraversableLike.filterNot
SI-6490, SI-6490  bf0e26c045  Proposed fix for SI-6490.
SI-6485  0bf9daaac7  SI-6485 stops creating extmethods for macros
SI-6483  1b2ac4e618  SI-6483 Prohibit super[T] references in value classes.
SI-6170, SI-6471  4e7ed113cf  SI-6471 Update jquery from 1.4.2 to 1.8.2
SI-6451, SI-6451  2b4775ba7e  SI-6451: Rename classes in `unchecked-abstract.scala` test.
SI-5582, SI-6408, SI-6408, SI-6432  5d9cde105e  Put more implementation restrictions on value classes.
SI-6408  ea9e4ec55e  Fixed problem in SI-6408
SI-6436  0720157cd7  SI-6436 Handle ambiguous string processors
SI-6215  d46f2d519d  SI-6215 Fix compiler crash on private method in value class
SI-6311  6ea54efa60  Test case for SI-6311.
SI-4881  18fd93b5ec  Revert "SI-4881 infer variance from formals, then result"
SI-6442  b2211a76a6  SI-6442 - Add ActorDSL object for actor migration kit
SI-6417  a6b81ac12a  SI-6417 correctly reifies non-value types
SI-6412, SI-6412  8c7d94ef9e  SI-6412 alleviates leaks in toolboxes, attempt #2
SI-6277  2fb507b849  SI-6277 fixes flags, annotations & privateWithin
SI-6429  53cd235eac  Don't call `updateInfo` during typing.
SI-6275, SI-5762  9d423c9bb7  Improvements to unchecked warnings.
SI-6344  4fb4287bfe  Update check-file for SI-6344 test.
SI-6409  0263e72504  Improves SI-6409 - Add note to string flatMap about evaluation.
SI-6412  bb48b7a452  Revert "SI-6412 alleviates leaks in toolboxes"
SI-6412, SI-6412  b403c1d752  SI-6412 alleviates leaks in toolboxes
SI-6412, SI-6412  291d1f033a  SI-6412 fixes leaks in Types.uniques
SI-1329, SI-5918, SI-5918  3c8a98f7d5  SI-5918 fixes the ConstantType ugliness
SI-6380  990b3c7682  SI-6380 #1 Add @throws[Exception]
SI-6337, SI-6337  c7204787b4  New test case for SI-6337
SI-6260, SI-6385, SI-6385  d435f72e5f  New test case for closing SI-6385
SI-6260  96408154f4  Fixes SI-6260
SI-6393, SI-5943  440d28d027  SI-5943 toolboxes now autoimport Predef and scala
SI-6344  a0c7acd7c3  Fix for SI-6344, value class generic signatures.
SI-6363  3fa900ca0e  SI-6363 removes scala.reflect.base
SI-6392  b8362d6aa4  SI-6392 wraps non-terms before typecheck/eval
SI-6394  648dae6a50  SI-6394 fixes macros.Context.enclosingClass
SI-6336  beb08c206b  Error message improvement for SI-6336.
SI-6390  3c542251e0  SI-6390 removes Trees#ArrayValue from the API
SI-6354  08e5fd23e7  Fixes SI-6354: improved error messages for Dynamic signature mismatches.
SI-5822  d7acf92be6  Adds OSGi support / tests to Scala. Fixes SI-5822.
SI-6305  c6dde6a1e8  Fixes SI-6305 split between jars.
SI-6336, SI-6336  8c69f4da33  SI-6336 Now also catches return types
SI-5418, SI-5418  862a1ede4d  test case closes SI-5418
SI-6389  c555ff56db  enable integer multiplication/divison on FiniteDuration, see SI-6389
SI-5692  3881ab3831  SI-5692 better error message
SI-5942  5e6d069b00  SI-5942 toolboxes now reset front ends
SI-6287  1e3012d554  SI-6287 fixes synthetic symbol clashes in toolbox
SI-6189  6b9e1a0747  Revert "Fixes SI-6189."
SI-6236  6854842cf8  Revert "Fixes SI-6236."
SI-4581  4ed7a60caf  Revert "Fix SI-4581."
SI-6294  10c9cf05b4  Revert "Fix SI-6294."
SI-6337  c30a9bddc4  Fixes SI-6337 by disallowing nested value classes.
SI-6374  1b8330c510  SI-6374 Reflection now works for anns with enum fields
SI-6374, SI-6374  564ea863e6  SI-6374 Scala reflection now supports Java CRTP
SI-6353  dbe7ef94dd  Fixed SI-6353: applyDynamic with sugared applications
SI-6336  344215b92d  SI-6336 Disallows value types in structuralal refinements
SI-6356  cf819b7756  SI-6356 reflection now supports Java annotations
SI-6356  39486b03e1  SI-6356 reflection now supports Java annotations
SI-6362, SI-5924  e6176afdcd  SI-6362 & SI-5924 removes caches in the macro API
SI-6342  ba3a9e05a6  SI-6342 cleans up toolbox API
SI-6360  4767fc21c6  SI-6360 revises naming of AnnotationInfo and its members
SI-6372  210f8c8f10  SI-6372 cleans up the API of Attachments
SI-6371  ed913c2963  SI-6371 adds comments for Trees#UnApply
SI-6369  dd7fa89903  SI-6369 removes Type.narrow from the API
SI-6365  2cc70c55af  SI-6365 removes Symbol.hasAnnotation from the API
SI-6373  db306cb526  SI-6373 removes Trees#ApplyDynamic from the API
SI-4813  f3fd018f14  Fix SI-4813 - Clone doesn't work on LinkedList.
SI-6310  b2864f8bf3  SI-6310 redeploys the starr
SI-6323, SI-6310  f4a722d205  SI-6310 AbsTypeTag => WeakTypeTag
SI-6323  524c90d09f  SI-6323 outlaws free types from TypeTag
SI-6323  0eabb63c06  SI-6323 prohibits reflection against free types
SI-5882, SI-6359  41dfb16121  SI-6359 Deep prohibition of templates in value class
SI-2296, SI-6245, SI-2296  e498fac7fd  Fix for SI-6245 with workaround for SI-2296.
SI-2453, SI-6259  7861ed6886  Fixes SI-6259. Unable to use typeOf in super call of top-level object.
SI-6367  6fbb4ac42a  Fix for SI-6367, exponential time in inference.
SI-6306, SI-6306, SI-6306, SI-6306  9568dc9d1a  SI-6306 Remove incorrect eta-expansion optimization in Uncurry
SI-6268  fdcda3313d  Fixes SI-6268. Review by @paulp and @lrytz.
SI-6276  1776337253  Avoid spurious warning for `def foo =`.
SI-6162  e3b0c7abbf  SI-6162 Adds @deprecatedInheritance/@deprecatedOverriding
SI-6278  ed723738e6  SI-6278 fixed: synthetic implicit def must sort with its associated implicit class
SI-6335  b43b3b0ba8  SI-6335 More precise location of the implicit class synthetic method.
SI-6331  815f60ff9c  Refine equality of Constant types over floating point values.
SI-6331  c619f94a9c  SI-6331 Avoid typing an If tree with a constant type.
SI-6333  4831ef51a7  Fix for SI-6333 - Try throws from combinators.
SI-6318  6a740332c7  SI-6318 fixes ClassTag.unapply for primitives
SI-6246  d27dc71d67  SI-6246 deprecated apis for core class tags
SI-6271  93d3cc7038  Fixes SI-6271 - Missing isEmpty override for views.
SI-6274  ec39e1ca82  SI-6274 Fix owners when eta-expanding function with byName param
SI-6273  ce048745e1  Fix for SI-6273, repl string interpolation.
SI-6263  6cda8a6f97  Fix for SI-6263, futile adaptation.
SI-4270  445c2f85e1  More useful -Xlog-implicits output.
SI-6034  34893e5d77  Fix for SI-6034, covariant value classes.
SI-6227  35dbc88841  Closes SI-6227
SI-6283  3cff2587d7  Fix for SI-6283, no abstract value classes.
SI-6293  f888b8572e  hotfix for SI-6293
SI-4581  373f22a202  Fix SI-4581.
SI-5767  3cd8eb053a  SI-5767 fix + small HashSet/HashMap fixes
SI-6190  da9fe44775  Add missing tests for SI-6190
SI-6281  5bdfddefd7  SI-6281 macroArgs for defs with implicit args
SI-6280  51b7be2fef  SI-6280 Scaladoc: Reloading preserves anchors
SI-3577, SI-6258  d614ae6e76  SI-6258 Reject partial funs with undefined param types
SI-6170, SI-6170  1be1f76012  SI-6170 Revert #515151 "Upgrade jQuery from 1.4.2 to 1.7.2"
SI-1987  fcf2b29010  Improved fix for SI-1987, overloading in package objects.
SI-6264  1c6543dc7d  Fix for SI-6264, crash in checkCheckable.
SI-5788  c17c95ca3f  SI-5788 correct test and symbol update
SI-6220  94888cf69b  Added test that should cover all code paths of the changes done in SI-6220
SI-6236  faa114e2fb  Fixes SI-6236.
SI-6189  5a8dfad583  Fixes SI-6189.
SI-6234  41bf9c3c35  Fixes backend crash due to incorrect consumedTypes
SI-6167  7281be9599  SI-6167 Override SeqLike#isEmpty for better performance
SI-6223  97ae6f6f72  Move side-effecting call out of debuglog(). Fixes SI-6223.
SI-5940, SI-5940  64138082a4  SI-5940 impls are no longer in macro def pickles
SI-6214  21fcf64c81  Fixes SI-6214.
SI-6198  cef4726232  Added test for SI-6198
SI-6201  8d87387e6a  SI-6201 minor fixes in key points
SI-6022  9108b2506c  SI-6022 cleaner model of variable equality modulo <:
SI-6022  e232a614dd  SI-6022 refactor to clean up model of variable equality modulo <:
SI-6184  d97f7d9543  SI-6184 don't introduce dummies in checkableType
SI-6204, SI-6204  4ced74a5ee  SI-6204 reifier no longer causes cyclic errors
SI-5756  2ba6774766  SI-5756 correctly reifies local module classes
SI-5314  75e36233a0  SI-5314 - CPS transform of return statement fails
SI-5687  95b3648982  Fixes SI-5687.
SI-5158, SI-6070, SI-5739  8ebe8e3e88  SI-5739 (bis) vals for subpatterns unless -optimize
SI-4023, SI-5947  81535ce5b9  SI-5947 works around getDeclaredClasses
SI-6040  f76306b77f  SI-6040 error on unauthorized extension Dynamic
SI-5933  8aebc6c805  SI-5933 do the new patmat translation for scaladoc
SI-6186  788478d3ab  SI-6186 TypeTags no longer supported in macros
SI-5498  e8f1a423d1  SI-5498 completes ModuleMirror.instance
SI-6183  383fd5c137  SI-6183 don't crash on type error in outer test
SI-6145, SI-6145, SI-6145  9d330e3c83  SI-6145 lax typing of args to synthetic case-labels
SI-6199  cac52ac3e3  SI-6199 unit-returning methods now return unit
SI-4945  963aabbeb4  Fix for SI-4945, repl hang on -i input.
SI-6181  3c4f4865f6  SI-6181 method mirrors now support by-name args
SI-6179  3aa221e28c  SI-6179 mirrors now work with value classes
SI-6178  432d7b86cb  SI-6178 reflective invocation of magic symbols
SI-6063  b65b7b1392  Fix for SI-6063, broken static forwarders.
SI-5788, SI-5788  f492d0aaaa  SI-5788 Tailcalls LabelDefs correctly duplicated
SI-6188  cb6066ee61  Temporarily skips failing test due to optimizer bug SI-6188
SI-6185  5b82a9702d  SI-6185 - add "prepare" hook to ExecutionContext
SI-6074  816c291006  SI-6074
SI-6175  ce4bcb5362  SI-6175 reflect over classes with symbolic names
SI-6172  d1a95c8789  Fixes SI-6172.
SI-5919, SI-5908  a354ec2a77  first stab at serialization of exprs and tags
SI-5888  b578059b43  SI-5888 Mirrors now have sane toStrings
SI-5736  7112c66d69  navigation between fields and accessors
SI-5732, SI-5732  a727c6fc19  SI-5732 members and derivatives now return Scope
SI-5751  ddcba10984  SI-5751 cleans up toolboxes for the release
SI-6084  991b50f3f4  Fix for SI-6084, type alias crasher.
SI-5764  6d088252ba  SI-5764 Honor -language:_
SI-5866  5589eeeb9a  SI-5866 Support casting null to value classes
SI-5031  2a14dd2d23  Fixed SI-5031. Only consider classes when looking for companion class. sym.effectiveOwner revealed this piece of inconsistency. companionModule is fine because similar check is there already.
SI-5799  aad84ecba3  SI-5799 Secondary constructors in value classes not allowed
SI-5878  daf0953c1f  Closes SI-5878
SI-5882  95d5323583  Closes SI-5882
SI-6146  a4bb3b679a  Changed isHidden condition back to isSynthetic.
SI-5958  ae28472bc7  SI-5958 This deserves a stable type
SI-6140  fa09fad51f  SI-6140 Scaladoc infinite recursion in wiki parser
SI-4601, SI-4560  cf709c2dd2  SI-4560 - improved test
SI-4601, SI-4560  6eb55d4b7a  Fix SI-4560, NoSuchMethodErrors involving self types.
SI-6112  e6f3a8f6d3  SI-6112 exposes symbol mutators in macro universe
SI-6075  2926dfc526  SI-6075 cleans up api.StandardNames
SI-6058  2eff6601da  SI-6058 makes JavaMirror caches weak
SI-5897  115eede127  SI-5897 don't check sensicality in match
SI-2038  e6912050bf  SI-2038 make pt fully-defined when typing Typed
SI-6111  ee5721e864  SI-6111 accept single-subpattern unapply pattern
SI-4440  ee93df064b  SI-4440 workaround: avoid outer accessor that'll vanish
SI-4881  5c5e8d4dcd  SI-4881 infer variance from formals, then result
SI-6089  1413713bdd  SI-6089 test file for pt2
SI-6117  9fecdfd8cb  Fix SI-6117, regression involving import ambiguity.
SI-6090  d0623dc766  SI-6090
SI-6089, SI-6089  71d20312e9  SI-6089 pt2: _ is tailpos in `_ || _` and `_ && _
SI-1832, SI-1832  6015a54812  SI-1832 consistent symbols in casedef's pattern&body
SI-5999  b5f721fb52  SI-5999 a real fix to the packageless problem
SI-6031  93519ab504  SI-6031 customizable budget for patmat analyses
SI-5999  96036b3569  SI-5999 removes the macro context mirror
SI-5999  602a6c55d7  SI-5999 deploys a new starr
SI-5999  30f5a36941  SI-5999 removes Context.reify
SI-5984  911bbc4fdd  SI-5984 improves error reporting in JavaMirrors
SI-4897  4fc9cdb64f  SI-4897 derive expected value from single type
SI-5957, SI-6109  ee0d01785e  Deprecate all JVM 1.5 targets and make 1.6 default.
SI-5784  6539a9ddc5  SI-5784 Scaladoc: Type templates
SI-3791  4324282f27  Removes Float.Epsilon and Double.Epsilon
SI-5939  4f3c92e0f8  SI-5939 resident compilation of sources in empty package
SI-6104  86f7bc35e5  SI-6104 support This pattern
SI-6092  01be1b1c20  Fixed SI-6092. Fixed leaky annotations, and relaxed the conditions under which a try-catch is lifted out to an inner method.
SI-6089  fa1dc5afea  SI-6089 better tail position analysis for matches
SI-5695  38aaa3a24a  SI-5695 removes Context.enclosingApplication
SI-5892, SI-5892  776105a43e  SI-5892 allow implicit views in annotation args
SI-6095, SI-6098  1c2efb36c2  SI-6095, SI-6098 - clean up public API, add deprecations
SI-5158, SI-6070, SI-6070, SI-4425, SI-5739  aa6fa4623b  SI-5739 store sub-patterns in local vals
SI-5731  06b373878a  SI-5731 a few fixes for value classes
SI-5588  ed9669f57a  Fixes SI-5588. Correct compare for Enumeration. Slower than the original one but does comparison in the same spirit as IntOrdering.
SI-5856, SI-5856  9c4b0d0402  SI-5856 enables use of $this in string interpolation
SI-5895  bab827a542  SI-5895 fixes FieldMirrors
SI-6076  72de4d8349  Fixed SI-6076. Range positions for macro-based string interpolation. Should bring back the jenkins job as well.
SI-5784  dac4e8f543  SI-5784 Scaladoc: {Abstract,Alias} type templates
SI-6047  ea47260be5  test case closes SI-6047
SI-5385  32fd97df41  Fix for SI-5385.
SI-6086  9117cbee27  SI-6086 magic symbols strike back
SI-5784  17f745d33c  Scaladoc: Refactoring the entities
SI-3695, SI-4224, SI-4497, SI-5079  dc70d1b7bd  SI-3695 SI-4224 SI-4497 SI-5079 scaladoc links
SI-4887  929415a3f4  SI-4887 Link existentials in scaladoc
SI-4360  a119ad1ae5  SI-4360 Adds prefixes to scaladoc
SI-3448, SI-3448  891769fae5  Scaladoc: workaround for untypical Map usecases
SI-4324  8779ade6f5  SI-4324 Scaladoc case class argument currying
SI-5558  242c2fc947  SI-5558 Package object members indexing
SI-5965  8291106ec9  SI-5965 Scaladoc crash
SI-3314  f881249ba1  Scaladoc: Inherited templates in diagrams
SI-3314, SI-4888  f916434c11  SI-3314 SI-4888 Scaladoc: Relative type prefixes
SI-5235  fcbdc1725c  SI-5235 Correct usecase variable expansion
SI-6035  7c42b5aa4d  SI-6035: Specialization and separate compilation.
SI-5830, SI-6048, SI-6011  ef2bf41142  SI-6011 switches: unreachability, guard-free form
SI-6028  a3bf34563d  SI-6028 Avoid needless symbol renaming in lambdalift.
SI-6028  32dc7e8069  A test case that scrutinises lambdalifter's output.
SI-4365  93751072ef  With -Yno-generic-signatures, exit GenASM.getGenericSignature early
SI-4691, SI-6077  4276f61551  SI-6077 more conservative TreeMakersToConds for CSE
SI-5956  2c5890b3a7  SI-5956 trigger copy generation with correct namer
SI-5957  21f14e371c  SI-5957 enable direct parsing of nested java class classfile
SI-6061  4aeaf9015b  SI-6061 adds weakly conformance for number types to resolveOverloaded
SI-6022, SI-6022  d852c9b8b4  SI-6022 model type-test-implication better
SI-6042  da587e3178  SI-6042 Improve type selection from volatile type error
SI-3836  ddcb351a2e  Fix SI-3836 not-really-ambiguous import detection.
SI-6008  b61b5fffb6  SI-6008 use static knowledge of success of type tests
SI-4691  8234ba3905  SI-4691 exhaustivity: `unapply: Some` = irrefutable
SI-5907, SI-5009  6c7f2b6460  SI-5907, SI-5009 case-class copy defaults only for first param list
SI-5975  7050335529  Allow attachments for symbols, just like for trees.
SI-5975  4b6ae392a7  Enhanced presentation compiler test infrastructure
SI-5959, SI-5959  0529dd502a  SI-5959 type equality now accounts for mirrors
SI-6013  1a2ec87c09  SI-6013 Disallow deferred members from intermediate java parents.
SI-5969  12b72485d8  Closes SI-5969.
SI-5780  c410b57d55  Diagram tweaks #2
SI-5212  c85b4a4956  Scaladoc class diagrams part 2
SI-6007  96dd73146f  reify no longer dealiases symbols and types
SI-5929  59300ee6e3  Fix SI-5929 - Verify error with finally and pattern match
SI-5489  ad51d82953  SI-5489 Avoid accidentally adding members to Object in erasure.
SI-5932  8f640e8a1d  SI-5932 Tone down non-sensible == warning with refinements.
SI-5967, SI-4176  d9d5dcd1e2  SI-4176 A repeat dose of repeated parameter type sanitization.
SI-3326  5362f3df48  Fix SI-3326.
SI-5986  788ac75021  Fix SI-5986.
SI-5971  ba542ba608  Fix SI-5971.
SI-5148  175d8714e3  Closes SI-5148.
SI-2796  ac71812170  SI-2796 Warn if early definitions are used with a trait.
SI-5189  552ee9cc54  better fix for SI-5189 pt1
SI-5968  c27e5f0d60  SI-5968 Eliminate spurious exhaustiveness warning with singleton types.
SI-5610, SI-5966  4736897ad2  SI-5966 Fix eta expansion for repeated parameters with zero arguments.
SI-5284  b29c01b710  Fix SI-5284.
SI-2807  7d8527b40a  SI-2807 Resurrect and refine the promiscuous catch warning.
SI-5951  a2d1b23dbe  adds `narrow` to the reflection API
SI-5953  47fad25adb  Fix for SI-5953, extension methods crasher.
SI-4541  a83586a481  Fix SI-4541.
SI-4954  da7235afe8  Fix SI-4954.
SI-4842  6aa5762fa0  SI-4842 Forbid access to in-construction this in self-constructor args
SI-4989  72ee06de4c  SI-4989 Reject super.x if an intermediate class declares x abstract.
SI-5617  2d3b6bd321  SI-5617 Better error message for "x overrides nothing".
SI-5910  5a8b937510  Fix for java parser edge case.
SI-5212  fba4098ca5  Scaladoc class diagrams part 2
SI-4270  d3393306e3  SI-4270 Refactor for efficiency and clarity.
SI-5162, SI-4283  6177066441  SI-5162 Exclude from the erasure cast of SI-4283
SI-5696  fc6ea96f19  SI-5696 Detect excess constructor argument lists.
SI-4270  9129cfe911  SI-4270 Disqualify in scope implicits that are shadowed.
SI-4270  0dea3d5a05  SI-4270 Rename implicits to avoid name clashes.
SI-5884  5acac4d806  TypeTag => AbsTypeTag, ConcreteTypeTag => TypeTag
SI-4909, SI-5763  13213e3df0  Fixes SI-4909 and SI-5763
SI-5853  dab1d0361f  Fix SI-5853.
SI-5880  daca24d8e7  Fix SI-5880.
SI-5857  0291797fec  Fixes SI-5857.
SI-5867  ef45ee4c21  Fix SI-5867.
SI-5879  90cd1f9ccd  Fix SI-5879.
SI-5313  82d2f0c80d  SI-5313 Revert to two traversals in substThisAndSym.
SI-5862  037d3dcbc5  Don't compute least upper bounds for expressions in statement positions inside blocks.
SI-5683  80d986997e  SI-5683 Fail gracefully when transposing a ragged type arg matrix.
SI-5167  09bf95675b  SI-5167 An impl class method should refer to its own parameter symbols.
SI-5792  ed6daea665  More robust findScalaHome in bash scripts. See SI-5792
SI-3346, SI-5845  8d4ce1da77  SI-5845 Advances the example from a crasher to an inference failure.
SI-4579  f785785bd2  SI-4579 Yoke the power of lisp.scala as a stress for the optimizer.
SI-5652  4794374af4  SI-5652 Mangle names of potentially public lambda lifted methods.
SI-4911  e1e7a3a0b1  Test case closes SI-4911.
SI-4818  64c57631ab  Test case closes SI-4818
SI-5318  510f637780  SI-5318 Make implicit divergence checking PolyType aware.
SI-5821  ea78793c61  Closes SI-5821.
SI-963, SI-5008, SI-4649  402b5e4a13  Pending and passing tests.
SI-5779  17ed967557  SI-5779: Wrong warning message (comparing Number)
SI-3761  8de2caa560  SI-3761: Overload resolution fails on by-name parameter (amended per lrytz)
SI-4270, SI-2405  820897b978  SI-2405 Confer implicit privileges to renamed imports.
SI-5779  e3b924e3e2  SI-5779: Wrong warning message (comparing values of types Float/Double and Number using `==' will always yield false)
SI-3761  f6a4d94569  SI-3761: Overload resolution fails on by-name parameter
SI-5760  01c673efd8  SI-5760: Improve error message for package$Klass conflict with Klass
SI-4975  03e6d929ee  Consider method-scoped companions in the implicit scope.
SI-3880  d046b9a6f2  Test case closes SI-3880.
SI-3899  4613ae777e  Pending test for SI-3899.
SI-5125  dbee14fba9  Improve test for SI-5125.
SI-5125  076b1c4235  Fix @varargs forwarder generation in the presence of nested templates.
SI-5804  f51dbd5564  Fixes SI-5804.
SI-4461  093075a2f7  Fixes SI-4461.
SI-4717  c1aad0e604  Further fixes SI-4717.
SI-5544  9c6a7ad81b  Fix SI-5544
SI-4717  2aa685bcbf  Fixes SI-4717.
SI-5803  c09bd7cbe8  A band-aid solution for SI-5803.
SI-4928  3c79caa136  Fix SI-4928
SI-5259  7d79c44608  Fix SI-5259
SI-5384  2d33c00ec0  fix SI-5384
SI-4717, SI-5552  f7d5f45aa7  Specialize lazy vals (closes SI-5552)
SI-5137  b19dfd8a59  Test case closes SI-5137.
SI-1133  ba123f081f  Confirm extractor based pattern matches don't explode exponentially.
SI-4025  3bbf6328dc  A REPL pattern matching crasher that crashes no more.
SI-5029  6e2d3f01b5  Another bug bites virtpatmat's dust.
SI-5407  f707141863  Test case closes SI-5407
SI-4124  3a7a92bd92  Test case closes SI-4124.
SI-5165  3511e5960d  Test case closes SI-5165.
SI-2764  8075672308  Recognize java enums as constants from source.
SI-5626  0c5de3cf31  Fix SI-5626.
SI-5009  40e7cab7a2  Fix SI-5009: case-class copy method now eta-expands over higher parameter lists.
SI-4098  d35e74eb6b  Forbid forward refs from self constructor invocations.
SI-4482, SI-4651, SI-3702, SI-1832, SI-3439, SI-5091, SI-5231, SI-5265  4c04213b99  Test cases.
SI-5654  23afe3c9b9  Fix for SI-5654.
SI-5210  09f380dbda  Fix an inference regression with this.type.
SI-5777  e8e88f785d  Restored portion of code removed in a7f68ce32c .
SI-5178  5d90d00108  imporved comment related to SI-5178
SI-5328  84764949e2  Fixes SI-5328. Iterator.patched failed when from=0.
SI-5201  a516098d4e  Fixes SI-5201. Adds flatten to TraversableViewLike.
SI-5640  58bb2d1bd2  Fix for ## inconsistency.
SI-5564  d107527434  Fixes SI-5564.
SI-5769  8e88e5b214  Fix for aliasing bug in reifier.
SI-5629  a11a57735e  Fixes SI-5629.
SI-4568  538e6dfbb5  Test case closes SI-4568.
SI-750  5ca799d8c9  Test that primitive arrays aren't accepted as a Java generic array.
SI-5305, SI-3614, SI-3856, SI-3614  f5df207f95  Don't hop to the first enclosing, non-silent context when typing refinements.
SI-4216  a21f14defa  Don't admit primitive arrays as a generic Java varargs param.
SI-5641  b5e9e4b950  Have ArrayCharSequence reuse its Array.
SI-5514  37c157c91f  Fixes SI-5514.
SI-963  01f6ed8e22  Fix for one of the oldest open soundness bugs.
SI-5612  aad6deae72  Fix for broken non-local returns.
SI-5667  5c84dc85bf  Fix for implicit class / value class collision.
SI-13  bbdd570ccc  Clarified the status of SI-13.
SI-5040  780bed7fbb  Fix for Dynamic interaction with private methods.
SI-2337, SI-1697, SI-3705, SI-4415, SI-1357  8bc8b83f0b  Moved passing tests from pending to files.
SI-3718, SI-3718  58f6a13460  Fix for SI-3718.
SI-5608  453d615fb3  Fix for SI-5608, crasher with value classes.
SI-5655  03e3a40951  Test case closes SI-5655.
SI-5715  0cb886ae44  Removed BackquotedIdent.
SI-5728  ca74659bb0  Hardening implicit classes.
SI-4976  44797916bd  Fix SI-4976 partially
SI-5688, SI-5703  7a5aaa9e23  SI-5703: normalize refined types more
SI-5720  aabe71f989  SI-5720: Qual block doesn't update sym owner
SI-5729  3e20bebd19  SI-5729: TypeVar experimentals iff -Xexperimental
SI-5666  e69ee3676d  Hackaround for people who like to instantiate the uninstantiable.
SI-5578  ae5ff6628b  Fixes #SI-5578. ResetAttrs shouldn't be side-effecting on the original tree, since it can lead to NPEs in erroneous trees (or maybe even for valid ones?). Review by @odersky
SI-5543  77b577a5ae  SI-5543: Ctor default arg wrongly scoped (revised)
SI-3755  c577aaca7a  SI-3755: catch exception thrown by adaptToNewrun
SI-5702  9d925a30c7  SI-5702 Pattern parser halts on star
SI-5690  efd1293df9  SI-5690: no-selector match in function yields function
SI-5168  c3b0113f31  Fix a documentation comment of Product(n)#productElement
SI-5083  e59cadeb9d  Scaladoc's tests should work with test/partest
SI-5672  c2cd6acf99  don't emit tiny switches: optimizer chokes on them
SI-5672  1a6e7129da  work around optimizer bug SI-5672
SI-5672  9998a85b4c  work around optimizer bug SI-5672
SI-5663  72d86cbe8c  SI-5663: Tweak warnings on case class equals
SI-5657  90960a1384  Workaround for SI-5657.
SI-5583  08505bd4ec  Workaround for SI-5583.
SI-5648  00e9446bfc  Fix for SI-5648.
SI-4540, SI-4540  174a75f78d  SI-4540 Fix [RichDouble|RichFloat|RichLong].isValid[Byte|Short|Char|Int].
SI-4134  72f6f0e57c  SI-4134: abstract override crasher if lacking super impl
SI-5591, SI-5591  41c0b0b7b9  Fix for SI-5591.
SI-5644  19bb173264  Fix for SI-5644.
SI-4910  a7f68ce32c  Unify "object Foo" and "Foo.type".
SI-3272  03f32bd22f  Fix for SI-3272.
SI-5632  88bc33301a  Fixes SI-5632 (serialization of large HashTables)
SI-4545, SI-5633  75e584bd0c  Fix for regression with inference at arity 21+.
SI-3569, SI-3770  399bd6240f  Never write final fields outside of constructors.
SI-4579  97f03245d9  Revived the lisp test.
SI-5614  017f48e00b  String interpolation bug fix
SI-5604  2b90e85b68  Workaround for "package is not a value".
SI-5373  5632167f6c  Fixes SI-5373
SI-5609  4b0d4571ec  Fix .empty and add .ofDim factory method.
SI-4488  1c0bef8838  Close issue #SI-4488
SI-3452  c0e9e75bec  Broke up def bridgeDefs.
SI-4750  479dd13148  Document regex replacement strings behavior.
SI-2460  e3dec9f006  Regex improvements
SI-5599  2c58044335  Fixed SI-5599
SI-5593  72c104b8b7  Fixes SI-5593
SI-5580  5d555ef90f  Overhaul of JavaConver{sions,ters}.
SI-5580  39938bcc29  Fix for SI-5580.
SI-4574  fb44bb28b8  Test cases closes SI-4574.
SI-5589, SI-1336  c82ecabad6  Finally did something about broken irrefutability.
SI-5189  910a701fcc  SI-5189: refined GADT soundness fix
SI-960  fbeceb8f38  Removed "Todo: test" where a test exists.
SI-3275, SI-5455  79e937bea2  Fix for tailcall transform/recognition bugs.
SI-5548, SI-5189  29bcadefb4  SI-5189 fixed: safe type infer for constr pattern
SI-5189  0cffdf38d9  SI-5189 1/2: inferConstrInst uses correct variance
SI-3569  02fb34822b  Fix for public final fields.
SI-5545, SI-5545  c5f68c11d3  Force .info before creating new synthetic syms
SI-5534  777dbd70f5  Revert attempt to limit private types in lubs.
SI-2296, SI-2296  f708b87e55  Overcame trait/protected/java limitation.
SI-4777  fb87f2de76  Test case closes SI-4777.
SI-5537  d852612c35  Fix for corner case in type printing.
SI-5406  c11ec6f532  Fix for typing of objects in patterns.
SI-4893  f3711b634c  Improving error message.
SI-5528  07ffa8d66d  Fix for "." appearing on classpath.
SI-5523  76e9da2ca4  Added updated ForkJoinPool, w/ necessary updates to Scala Actors.
SI-5215, SI-5215  a983f2b30c  Revert recent elidable commits.
SI-5171  a1d8029b3d  Test for SI-5171
SI-5316  b732859147  Test for SI-5316
SI-5034  fa8ef34b9b  Removed dead code in RefChecks.
SI-5358  a6a9684f5b  A better error message for inheritance conflict.
SI-5215  5e52ce9a13  Fix for SI-5215: scalac crash when @elidable used in trait
SI-4770  87e369ef46  More specialization tests.
SI-5500  ec160bae7e  More on SI-5500.
SI-5500  1df4fc6e59  Fixed over-optimistic anyrefSpecCache (closes SI-5500).
SI-4770, SI-5488  1e648c3862  Fixed AnyRef specialization.
SI-5005  423360f597  Added test files to verify previous commit.
SI-5439  18559c4dc5  Close file descriptor leak in sys.process.
SI-5452  6543b2d983  Revert "Fix for SI-5452."
SI-5452  9655fafbc8  Revert "Make fix for SI-5452 not break other things."
SI-5005  e4b5c002b1  Improve handling of final and @inline in specialization.
SI-4740, SI-4770, SI-5267  bb23d766bc  Specialization action.
SI-5464  97ec16850b  Disables typechecking that precedes reflective compilation
SI-5452  a725bf982c  Make fix for SI-5452 not break other things.
SI-5446  bd988df644  Fix for set/list/oops bug in MutableSettings#copy.
SI-5452  2b731911e9  Fix for SI-5452.
SI-5444  eb8556ca66  Fix for SI-5444.
SI-5453  2fc92eb4f0  Fixes
SI-1195, SI-1201  7a6fa80937  Another existential problem down.
SI-4171, SI-1195, SI-1201  c478eb770d  Overcame long-maddening existential issue.
SI-5451  41fd956d99  Fixes
SI-5287  7ee4c018ce  Scaladoc @usecase annotation overriding / SI-5287
SI-5287  5be13bf0e0  Revert "Scaladoc @usecase annotation overriding / SI-5287"
SI-5287  7946ac410a  Scaladoc @usecase annotation overriding / SI-5287
SI-5334  75696bc3d3  Fixes
SI-5430, SI-5431, SI-5256  1e0707786b  Hardens classToType logic
SI-5429  f55db64983  Fix for bad bug with accidental overrides.
SI-5426  147e9eaf38  Improved warning for insensible comparisons.
SI-5423  2e66407944  Introduce getAnnotations that triggers symbol completion
SI-5415  4224d2a7b0  -Yshow-symkinds: prints kinds next to symbol names This very situational option proved to be very useful when debugging
SI-5415  6a5901461c  -Yshow-symkinds: prints kinds next to symbol names
SI-5374  e234978dfd  Refine fix for SI-5374 - make list deserialization backward-compatible.
SI-5375  4abec1f64d  Fix for SI-5375.
SI-5377  af164c5686  Update for fix for SI-5377.
SI-5374  a6fcd70b60  Fix for SI-5374.
SI-4767  ec3438c289  Linked up $class visibility to symbol redefinition.
SI-4835, SI-4835  39a837c835  Add test case for SI-4835 (
SI-4929  dce6b34c38  Fixes SI-4929, with a test to verify.
SI-5072  5a711d7a41  A better REPL context classloader.
SI-5387  beeac27cb4  Improved performance of TraversableLike.dropWhile, which now stops re-evaluating the predicate after it once evaluated to true.
SI-5066  5d782f24fc  Closes SI-5066
SI-5382  8deade7d86  Avoid calculating similar strings sometimes.
SI-5377, SI-5377, SI-5377  26afbf85bf  Fixed a bug SI-5377 (
SI-4925  2820770bff  Fixing inliner visibility issue.
SI-4869  066b1a1f5d  Fix for crasher in uncurry.
SI-3999  d7981e784e  Fix for spurious implicit ambiguity with package objects.
SI-1987  66a3623d59  Fixed overloading in package objects.
SI-5371  1413890150  Improve description of flatten, flatMap
SI-5370  545680b274  Explain Function1 vs PartialFunction
SI-4749  2064372659  Better error reporting regarding main methods.
SI-5300  af4a529929  Fix for PartialFunction NPE.
SI-5343  1684baefd2  Don't hard fail over missing classfiles.
SI-3758  27d19715af  Made Array manifests return type arguments.
SI-5020  a6ebd0f3ee  Remedy spurious bounds conformance failure.
SI-4070  f39537a369  Fix for crasher during type inference.
SI-5359  cdd4aac981  Fix issue with higher-order type params.
SI-5356  be46e48713  Fix for NoSuchMethod in cleanup.
SI-5352  bedb33fd7c  Don't infer protected members into lub refinements.
SI-5354  6975b4888d  Closes SI-5354.
SI-5354  fafbffc295  Closes SI-5354.
SI-5175  33ab1a574a  Tone down insensible-equality warning.
SI-5317  f737e35ddf  Fixed regression in lub calculation.
SI-5245  08ec6ba4e4  [vpm] optimized codegen avoids option-boxing
SI-5226  82089f7909  Attempt to fix classloader issues
SI-4871  bba3b00cf7  Fix for classOf NPE.
SI-5053  ab07db12cc  unzip(3) on view now returns view.
SI-4024  6912ff828d  Fix for seq/array varargs crasher.
SI-5295  d718a7c7f3  Batch files no longer swallow exit codes
SI-5266, SI-5266  a6152b4c2c  Fix reflective toolbox producing invalid bytecode
SI-4627  f3e7e98cc0  Clean up standard/swing library by deprecating/moving code examples
SI-4990  60b90b18d6  Migration message and version cleanup
SI-5274  1f8d642eb9  Reflective compiler now crashes properly
SI-5278  7a99c03da1  Don't generate redundant interfaces.
SI-5230  9393efc68a  Reification of classes now produces trees that can be compiled and run.
SI-5117  66b6ad4cac  Make Enumeration.ValueSet Serializable
SI-4658  db7bd31896  Makes Range#sum an O(1) operation instead of an O(n) one.
SI-3481, SI-3481  6ecca6d2b5  Tests for SI-3481.
SI-2196  989c0d0693  Improve performance of BitSet.size
SI-3796  5d7da746b0  Re-enable RedBlack's ScalaCheck test, which was disabled at r21829.
SI-4647  2d0f82898d  Improved BitSet implementations
SI-5205  8eba9acbc4  Fixed -Xfuture 5.ds, deprecated 0-octal.
SI-5245  ca37db37e9  Added the check against UnitClass in freeLocals...
SI-5239  4e987a3cf0  Reflection toolboxes now respect settings that ...
SI-3566  66bf8db3f1  test case for SI-3566
SI-1430  0bea2ab5f6  Fix for erroneous bytecode generation.
SI-5223  afc755916f  Annotations reacquainted with reification.
SI-3566  23d7024e71  - fixed code lifting of String, Int, ...
SI-5054, SI-4898  03112a3a3d  Changed the way use cases are handled in scaladoc.
SI-622  a17be60676  Make partest work with spaces in the path (from...
SI-4355  eb0643210f  Implemented manifest-based class-paths.
SI-1510, SI-622  f9278123eb  Always build command lines in partest as Seq[St...
SI-5206  7eb6f102e8  Fix for unfortunate thinko recently introduced.
SI-3047  47c9911a12  Enable the use of spaces in paths for the Scala...
SI-3047  7c2c8c8adf  Enable the use of spaces in paths for the Scala...
SI-4846  38a646ce5c  Sin some more.
SI-4858  e864f48338  scala.bat expansion with quotes and spaces.
SI-4019  0c4ad65950  Delayed expansion in scala.bat.
SI-3047  bc2bd6e67a  More defense against spaces in paths.
SI-4800  ea5aac152d  Made windows less aggressive about failing.
SI-5062  d917d7c8a1  Makes -toolcp available on windows.
SI-5089  f194a29a53  Deprecated ambiguous dot syntaxes.
SI-5176, SI-5176  d01ab1ba46  Allow to load $class classes using Scala reflec...
SI-5178  9f9932bd20  Fix for regression in overriding with defaults.
SI-4766  0362b6af90  Fixing logic in structural types.
SI-5152  c8683ff5bf  Fix crash with HK types.
SI-5156  d6f9361e4b  Fixed hang in typechecker.
SI-5147  4474d9ba20  Revert "Fix for Enumeration."
SI-5147  1d4f2d4aa3  Fix for Enumeration.
SI-3415  934f8015a2  Fix for SI-3415 regression.
SI-4985  c0407608be  Fix for NumericRange boundary condition.
SI-5052, SI-5115, SI-5052, SI-5115  bf0b9fcf84  Fixes NPE using iterator with an XML attribute ...
SI-5099  8de176f454  Clean result of function type.
SI-4970  2d3fe5733c  Fix for crasher in explicitouter.
SI-4875  48a26b9c2b  Test case closes SI-4875.
SI-4963  d1f89f473a  Fix ArrayStack.growArray at boundary.
SI-4961  6c22499c40  Fix bug in example sort.
SI-4957  bcf53cbe91  Test case closes SI-4957.
SI-102  1b68611e04  Test case closes SI-102.
SI-1100, SI-5108  fa3c892017  Fix for combinator regression.
SI-3882  81fda510a7  Debugging note.
SI-4762  c7ec0385c7  Warn about surprising shadowing.
SI-5033  dd8706fc11  5033: align bound syms when comparing method types
SI-5096, SI-5097  5fb68614da  AbstractPartialFunction.
SI-5093  8fc7a72a2b  Cycle defense.
SI-4899  d6eb989388  Fixing valueOfTerm in the repl.
SI-5080  581fad662c  Fix for multiple evaluation in structural calls.
SI-5077  f434a6d49e  Donated some parens to Any.
SI-5078  5575b8c368  Harden the typer against surprise unapply types.
SI-5023  e52053f10b  Fix regression in companion check.
SI-5071  d3f0fa824b  Propagate self-type to specialized subclasses.
SI-5032  168f8065ea  Throw different exception.
SI-4176  bc4468cdd2  Flipped varargs eta-expansion behavior.
SI-5067  2c1a1192ce  Fix for error printing regression.
SI-5055  4646937ff8  Fixes to javascript in Scaladoc, contributed by...
SI-5060  0afd6d1b19  Closing soundness hole in variance checking.
SI-5056  c7f14dbbcc  Consistent hashCode for Symbol.
SI-4319  34387c7184  Improved an error message.
SI-5012  8987550566  Fix bug in ModuleDef elimination.
SI-4981  3a1332c451  BigDecimal adjustments.
SI-5026  a90fbf59ae  Stripped a bunch of hostile code.
SI-1799  e412524fee  ProductN, and method synthesis toolbox.
SI-4933  2553cc1fdc  ListBuffer.size should be O(1).
SI-4924  a26fc299ca  Scaladoc now hides members with @bridge annotat...
SI-4938  acc4c04b0c  Refine lub calculation.
SI-4807  cbf8534ff7  Helping Proxy equal itself.
SI-4819, SI-4820, SI-4983, SI-4789, SI-4819, SI-4820, SI-4983  bcdd1882f1  Fix various InnerClasses bugs.
SI-4979  ca15d245fd  Brought back unrelated type comparison warning.
SI-4943  f3114ec2a4  Improves the usability of Scaladoc when images ...
SI-4794  2f4349e8dd  Intersection types made specializable.
SI-4780  2c548eac23  Replaced various now-unnecessary casts with str...
SI-4931  7e99a7d380  Maybe that last commit was closer than I thought.
SI-4931  6a3b465ba9  Kludge: don't let getClass make it into bytecode.
SI-4860  20859263f2  Removing the code which has been deprecated sin...
SI-4821, SI-4821  f309513c9f  A conceivably pretty bad performance bug in bui...
SI-4874  386dddde53  Turned up the defense against compiler exceptio...
SI-4828  e3e64e4365  Optimizations for Seq's implementations of sequ...
SI-4891  97da3af7a4  Fix java signature generation for traits: no cl...
SI-4594  c1aaf1fc7a  Don't discard deprecation/unchecked warnings re...
SI-4785  be31934db3  Fix for a bug in CharArrayReader which made tri...
SI-4879  6fe5754cec  Better error message for case class/object matc...
SI-2388  2b31bc81ad  Avoid some spurious errors after a cyclical ref...
SI-4877  05382e2351  Improved structural type error messages, and ot...
SI-4592  990fa046e6  Fixed bug in the disambiguation of f(foo='bar')...
SI-4882  ead69ed245  Disallowed implicit modifier on auxiliary const...
SI-4859  4f4a80ad5b  Don't want to chase NPEs around for the rest of...
SI-4857  6d45fddd4c  Attacked classpaths to get "." off of it when i...
SI-4499  39e50a12d2  Minor changes to the Scaladoc stylesheets, as s...
SI-4861  daa26379ce  Working on jar creation infrastructure.
SI-3628, SI-3628  b5865cd83f  Moved test out of pending, closes SI-3628, no r...
SI-4851  4e488a6059  Added two new compiler options:
SI-4853  5bbb198b24  Expression type argument instantiation should n...
SI-4676  ac96200c92  Scaladoc shouldn't drop type arguments to alias...
SI-4827  892ecd2db7  Changed forwarders not to generate final method...
SI-4172, SI-4172  5dbb616610  Test case closes SI-4172 - I think the output i...
SI-4782  1ad15b1f50  Discard empty strings in option position, but n...
SI-4839  460f57d5d3  Enable implicit parameters in the presence of v...
SI-1799, SI-1799  aafc0fe172  As per discussion documented in SI-1799, brough...
SI-2873, SI-2873, SI-2873  03f3cb5fcd  Restored test case for SI-2873 which hubert had...
SI-4802  ad775b3239  Make IterableLike.toIterator more efficient
SI-4588  60085c5cf8  Fixes scaladoc layout for function arguments wi...
SI-3343, SI-4018  87b1b72769  Fixed an issue with higher kinded type inferenc...
SI-4703  3299ee0046  Upgraded jline to use jansi 1.6 in the belief i...


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