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New Book on the Lift Web Framework

"Exploring Lift: Scala-based Web Framework", a new book from three of the principal committers on Lift, Derek Chen-Becker, Marius Danciu and Tyler Weir, will be available from Apress in April. The book covers the fundamentals of building a comprehensive Lift-Based Web application. It provides valuable guidance on advanced topics such as AJAX, Comet and custom URL rewriting, supported by extensive code examples. Not only can you learn how to create Web applications quickly but also gain a wonderful insight into the power of Scala in this real world application. Have a look at the first few chapters of the book here, on the Lift web site.

Re: New Book on the Lift Web Framework

The link in the last sentence leads to the Starting With Lift tutorial, rather than the Exploring Lift book.

Alpha versions of the Exploring Lift book can be found at "The Lift Book" Google Groups website, here.

Re: New Book on the Lift Web Framework

Whats the deal? I went to the APress site to purchase the book and it now says the publish date isn't until May 2009.



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