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New releases of the Scala IDE for Eclipse

There is plenty of activity going on in the development of the Scala IDE for Eclipse. At this time, a new release candidate is available for the next point release in the 2.0 series: the Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0.2 RC1 is ready for download, including many bug fixes. At the same time, the Scala IDE developers have made available a new milestone in the upcoming 2.1 release: a new Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.1 Special Edition is available, now including support for the recently release Scala 2.10.0 Milestone 4. In addition, a new nightly build is available, targeting the upcoming Eclipse 4.2 (Juno). Kudos to the Scala IDE for Eclipse developers for their hard work! You can find below their release notes.


Scala IDE for Eclipse 2.0.2 RC1

June 22, 2012

We are very happy to announce a new release candidate of the Scala IDE for Eclipse! 2.0.2 is a maintenance release containing only bug fixes.

A final 2.0.2 release will follow in 7 days if no issue is reported. Please help us with the testing of this candidate, and let us know of any issues that you may encounter.

What’s new?

Better support for JDK 7

The Scala presentation compiler used to (incorrectly) use the running JDK, instead of the one configured on the build path. Now it will honor the correct JDK, meaning that Eclipse can run on JDK 6, but your project can compile against JDK 7.

Better support for nested projects

Importing your multi-module project in the Scala IDE has never been a problem. However, compilation errors in a nested project used to be reported in the top-level project, which was of course confusing. That is fixed now, and we know the Maven lovers will like it.

Better support for mixed Java/Scala projects

For the many of you working with mixed Java/Scala projects, we have been fixing an annoying issue related to @throw annotation, which was causing incorrect errors to be reported in the Java editor.


Get 2.0.2-RC1 Now!


Scala IDE 2.1 Special Edition for 2.10.0-M4

June 18, 2012

Today we released another edition of the Scala IDE V2.1 for Eclipse, based on the latest milestone for the upcoming Scala 2.10! This release is a development snapshot from the upcoming 2.1 release of the IDE, having all the features in the M1 release.

With milestone 4 the Scala compiler enters the feature freeze phase of the 2.10.0 release. This is the best time to try out all the exciting upcoming features: reflection, the Java 6 backend, string interpolation, the new futures API, the new pattern matcher and macros. A full list of the new features is available on the Scala M4 Change Log

You can see the Release Notes for M1 to check the new features in the Scala IDE.

Install it now!

Follow this link and grab the update-site!

This special edition works with Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo). We developed and tested it using Java 6, but Java 7 can be used with some caveats.

We hope you will enjoy using it and, please, let us know what you think. This is the perfect time to help us with ideas and improvement suggestions, or just contribute them.



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