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Typesafe Stack 2.0 released

Typesafe has released the Typesafe Stack 2.0 targeting both Scala and Java developers. Read more about it here:

This is interesting to Scala developers because there is now an integrated stack comprising the latest versions of Scala, the Akka concurrency middleware and the Play web framework. Everything is integrated to work with each other, which makes it easy to build scalable web applications out of the box. While the Scala version has been kept stable, there's a lot of innovation in the layers above it.

Akka 2.0

The next version of the Akka framework is a big step forward in programming for concurrency, fault-tolerance and scalability. Building on the experiences from the Akka 1 series, it takes Akka to the next level— resilience by default, scale up and out by configuration, extensibility by design and with a smaller footprint. Read more about it here:

Play! 2.0

The Typesafe Stack now also integrates the Play! 2.0 Web Framework (also released today).

Play 2.0 is using Akka 2.0 for all its event-handling and asynchronous processing making Play 2.0 very scalable and fault-tolerant. Read more about the highlights in this blog post: or on dive right into the Play 2.0 documentation:

The Typesafe Console

The Typesafe Console is a tailor-made tracing and monitoring solution for event-driven Akka actor based systems, which is available as part of the Typesafe subscription offering. The Typesafe Console captures the events that comprise your application’s asynchronous processing, links those events into meaningful trace flows across actors and remote nodes, and makes this information actionable to developers and operations staff through a rich web-based user interface as well as through REST an JMX interfaces.

You can find a live demo of the running console here: For more info read this blog post:

Getting Started

The Typesafe Stack makes it very easy to get started with Akka 2 and Play 2 through the different (giter8) template projects available. Just check out the one you like and get down to business. You can also work through one of the Getting Started Guides. More info can be found here:

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