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Akka 2.0 Released!

Akka 2.0 Released! "A revolutionary step in programming for concurrency, fault-tolerance and scalability."

According to Jonas Bonér the Akka team has built on the experiences of the Akka 1 series and "moved to the next level — resilience by default, scale up and out by configuration, extensibility by design and with a smaller footprint."

Akka 2.0 represents a major step forward for concurrent programming using Scala or Java. Akka 2.0 has many new features to make the task easier for the developer, including Supervision and Death Watch, Paths and Addresses, Location Transparency, Event Bus, Improvements to Akka Futures, Much Improved Performance and Scalability. Read about the new features on Jonas Typesafe Blog.

Akka 2.0 is using the upcoming Scala 2.10 standard library Future implementation, a joint effort between the EPFL Scala team and the Akka team, that gives you "scala.concurrent.future".

Mindful of the popularity of the existing Akka 1.x, the new version of Akka comes with a migration kit that should make it easier for 1.x users to migrate in small, incremental steps to 2.0

You can find the full release notes for Akka 2.0 on the site.

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