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Scala 2.9.1-1

The Scala Team is happy to announce a new stable release in the Scala 2.9.x series: 2.9.1-1. This release fixes a critical Java-Scala interoperability issue that arose in 2.9.1. Here is the change list:

  • Don't mark mixed-in methods as bridges.
  • Add SYNTHETIC flag for BRIDGE methods.
  • Update build for publishing to sonatype OSSRH

The Scala 2.9.1-1 release is intended to be a conservative bug fix release; it will be followed by another, more aggressive bug fix release called 2.9.2.

Re: Scala 2.9.1-1

A quick question about the distribution: Previous releases included a lzPack installer that took care of putting all the pieces in appropriate places, including an uninstaller to clean everything out if desired.  This release and the 2.10 milestone releases seem no longer to include that packaging.  Is this a permanent change?  Thanks.

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