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2012 Programming Competition

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I was wondering if there were any people interested in a friendly little programming competition with a real cash reward.
  1. We need some judges. I plan on putting up some of the money so I would like to be one of the judges. Since I am still a relative Scala neophyte my judging would focus on how a newbie values the results. It would be nice to get some other credible judges to focus on other issues, maybe 3 more, possibly some well known or famous judges like that, what's his name, Odersky or something ;-) Seriously Martin it would be excellent if you could participate.
  2. We need some judging criteria and I invite people to suggest some criteria such as readability, robustness, performance, elegance, innovation, usability, etc. or maybe something more detailed or interesting.
  3. We need goal. I have a smallish application I use when learning a new language and comparing language features. I have implemented the same application in C#/WPF, Java/Swing and Java FX Script. I will not reveal the details of the application now, but I plan to write a sufficient set of requirements/specifications. However, the application has be written before in a single file of code without too much trouble so one requirement will be that it has to be a Scala FX application in a single file. This is obviously a GUI application and concurrent programming will be an issue, and scalability on multi-core systems would be a nice to have. Maybe there would be extra credit for effective use of continuations.
  4. We need contestants willing put their code before the community as the best example. This should not take more 40 hours of effort, but could be much much less for proficient coders and people would have two weeks elapsed time to complete their submission after the requirements are broadcast.
  5. We need testers willing to verify program correctness and requirements coverage in support of the judges.
  6. We need a prize. I am willing to put up to $512 USD (possibly more if there is enough excitement). I welcome other sponsors as well to give our challengers some incentive. Cash pledges should be a power of 2 USD. Maybe we can come up with a cool certificate as well, or more than one prize.
What say you all - are you interested in a little bit fun?

Cheers, Eric

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