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Interfaces and constants - Java interop

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Dear All,I have the followings strange case in Java:
public interface LeaseContext<T>  extends {        T getObject();         java.lang.String getUID();}
public interface Lease  {    long FOREVER = 9223372036854775807L;     long ANY = -1L;    int DURATION = 1;    int ABSOLUTE = 2;        long getExpiration();        void cancel() throws, java.rmi.RemoteException;         void renew(long l) throws,, java.rmi.RemoteException;        void setSerialFormat(int i);         int getSerialFormat(); createLeaseMap(long l);        boolean canBatch( lease);}
In java, if I do LeaseContext.FOREVER that works, in Scala I am forced to do Lease.FOREVER. Why is there such a difference?
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