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A new version of Setak (a testing framework for Akka actors) has been released

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Hi all,

I am pleased to inform you that I have released a new version of
Setak that supports testing non-stable systems. Non-stable systems are
systems in which the actors always have some messages to process,
i.e. they don't terminate.
Please check this out for more details:

What is Setak?
Setak is a testing framework for Akka actor programs. Setak is
especially suited for test cases that find bugs related to non-
determinism. It allows programmers to specify the order of messages
during the execution of a test. Also it makes it easy to check test
assertions that require actors to be in a stable state, i.e., no
actor is processing any message and no message can be processed
new messages are delivered), or requires some messages to be


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