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Scala IDE for Eclipse V2.0 Final Release available now!

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We released the Scala IDE V2.0 for Eclipse today! 

After 9 months of intensive work by the community contributors, users and the IDE team we are really proud to release the new version. Not only is it robust and reliable but also comes with much improved performance and responsiveness. 

There are a whole lot of new features that make it a real pleasure to use, Report errors as you type, Project builder with dependency tracking, Definition Hyperlinking and Inferred type hovers, Code completion and better integration with Java build tools, and lots more. 

We hope you will enjoy using the new version and continue to help us with ideas and improvement suggestions, or just contribute them.

You can read the rest of the release notes on the website which, for this very special occasion, it has been completely refreshed, and lots of new content has been made available (e.g., screencasts and better user and developer documentation). We really hope you will enjoy it!

Merry Christmas!
-- The Scala IDE Team

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