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Possible regression in the old and the new pattern matcher (SI-3968) and possibly fixed bugs (SI-3481, SI-3556, SI-2080)

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Simon Ochsenreither
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I found the following issue:

array matching showing covariance

object Test {
  def f1(x: Any) = x match { 
    case _: Array[AnyRef] => 1
    case _: Array[String] => 2
    case _                => 3
  def f2(x: Any) =
    if (x.isInstanceOf[Array[AnyRef]]) 1
    else if (x.isInstanceOf[Array[String]]) 2
    else 3
  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {

The following prints "1 1" but should print "2 2".

Well, now it prints “3 3”.

Is this a regression?

It seems like the following bugs might have been fixed, at least I can verify that the compiler rejects the unsound code of these tickets:

Unsound type projection

method's return type can't be inferred, Nothing is used (unsoundly)

It should not be possible to override concrete member types

Can someone verify that?

Thanks and bye,


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