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Scala SVN -> Github Migration

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Hello Scala Community!
We're migrating the Scala SVN repository to github.   This means that in a few short hours, the *official* scala repository will be
A few quick notes:
  • The unofficial repository currently located at will be moved to  It's history will no longer be supported.   We've rewritten the SVN history to make it faster for users to fork, read commits and make changes.  Those who have pull-requests against the *unofficial* repository can expect support from yours truly in migrating their pull-requests to the official repo.  Send me an email if you need help migrating your commits.
  • You will *STILL* be required to sign the CLA before any patches/pull requests can be accepted into the main repository.  Patches should *still* be accompanied by appropriate tests and will have to be reviewed by a core commiter for merging.  The unofficial repository didn't have any official set of rules on the github site.  See here for some good information from the scaladoc maintainers on what contribution requirements are:  (Pay note to the CLA and copyright ownership clauses).
  • Things will be in a state of flux for a period of time, until we get a handle on the new development workflow.  While we have a lot of things we'd like to get in place (e.g. an automated bot that will run tests on pull requests and comment directly on your open pull requests, alleviating some of the burden of verification of patches), this first venture will be a bit more fluid.  Please bear with us as we migrate all of our ecosystem to git and github.
  • The official Scala wiki will *still be*, and is not migrating to Github.
  • The old SVN repository is now READ ONLY.

We hope this venture will improve the Scala development process and, most importantly, allow more community involvement and a more rapid response from the core team to contributions.   We thank you all for your patience and understanding in the move.
- Josh Suereth

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