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for those experimenting with the type checker in power mode, here's a small snippet that I hope might help
scala> :power** Power User mode enabled - BEEP BOOP SPIZ **** :phase has been set to 'typer'.          ** ** has been imported      **** global._ and definitions._ also imported **** Try  :help,  vals.<tab>,  power.<tab>    **
scala> object dsl extends ast.TreeDSL { val global: = } defined module dsl
scala> import dsl.CODE._import dsl.CODE._
scala> val typer = analyzer.newTyper(analyzer.rootContext(power.unit("").asInstanceOf[])) typer: $ =$NormalTyper@6085968b
scala> typer.typed((REF(ListModule) DOT List_apply) APPLY (NULL, NULL))res0: $ = immutable.this.List.apply[Null](null, null)

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