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RE: Re: problems of scala complexity

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> On Behalf Of Ken McDonald
>> Third, if you look at other languages, there is always a set of
>> "best practices" developed that come with it and that are used as
>> guidelines. Certainly Java has a rich culture of best practices. And
>> that cultures changes over time, as developments in Java EE show.
> Because Java is _so much_ less expressive than Scala, its best
> practices will have been much easier to formulate, I believe.

You really think so?
Ever read the "Effective Java" book?
Or some of the java typical design pattern recommendations?

Thinking that many of the EJ advices are inherently present in Scala
and that some typical design patterns are likewise unspoken part of
the language, I assume that Scala is no different than Java in that matter.
The problem is only taken to another area, but AFAIC also covered
by comparably useful books, at least in a near future.


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