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Job opportunity in Oslo, Norway

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Geir Hedemark
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Basefarm is one of the leading vendors of hosting of internet-based
applications in northern europe. Our customers are companies with
business critical IT services with high demands in terms of
availability, turn around time and quality. We are growing, and are in
need of another developer.

Our internal development team create hosting support tools for
Basefarm based on mostly open-source technology. We write the tools we
have to create from scratch in scale, and we organize our development
efforts using a Scrum-based approach. Parts of the team more or less
regularly can be found as contributors to books or conferences.

We are seeking a person who wants to work with our team, and who is
both able to teach and learn. You should be as interested in systems
development as the rest of the team in order to fit in. You probably
have a java- or scala background, and have a plan for developing your
own skill set. You probably view yourself as one who knows a bit about
everything, and a lot about developing software.

We can offer a place in a team which uses new technologies where they
provide value, and which is focused on delivering business values in a
challenging and interesting setting. You must be ready to learn a
scandinavian language in order to communicate effectively with

For more information contact Geir Hedemark on +4798215540. CV and
application can be sent to geir [dot] hedemark [at] basefarm [dot] no.

Applications must be received before november 30.

Geir Hedemark
Development manager
Basefarm AS

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