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Apache River and Scala

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Patrick Logan
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A couple of conversations over the last few days have lead me to
wonder whether anyone has tried Scala with Apache River (nee Jini and

Jini is a mature distributed computing infrastructure in Java
(registries, transactions, leases, locks), and Javaspaces is one of
the available services (based on Yale's tuple spaces). I'd used both
from Java about five years ago. The technology and community have
languished since then, given all the recent blossoming of messaging
and nosql technologies.

But I think both jini and javaspaces have a lot to offer compared to
other systems. And scala could make the experience even better.

If you've read Waldo's well-known "Note on Distributed Computing" ( )...

Waldo is one of the primary designers of jini and javaspaces, and they
deliberately attempt to embody the principles of that paper.


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