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Rapid prototyping for Scala parser combinators

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Hello Scala community,
I released a much improved, more feature rich, and better documented version of my visual parser-generator for Scala parser combinators: VisualLangLab. 
A tutorial VisualLangLab - Rapid Prototyping for Scala Parser Combinators uses the Payroll External DSL described on Page-240 of Programming Scala as an exercise to  illustrate VisualLangLab's features.
A table listing the pros and cons of the approach can be found at the end of the tutorial. 
VisualLangLab uses an internal lexical analyzer (over RegexParsers) that is independently usable, and could be useful in other projects. 
I wish to develop VisualLangLab further as a training and prototyping environment for parsers generally, and for Scala's combinators, and would like to hear any suggestions and comments. 
A simpler, code-free (almost) description was featured on earlier. 
Thank you,
- Sanjay

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