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Immediate Interview - Very Hot requirement

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Sunanda Surendra
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Dear Partner,

Good Morning!! J

Hope you are doing great!!! JJ

Please do let me know you are comfortable with the below requirement if yes, please send me your updated profile along with contact details and Visa Status ASAP to my official email id sunanda [at] stansource [dot] com



Position: CA Wily Introscope

Location: Danbury CT.

Duration: Very Long Term


·Administer, configure CA Wily Introscope for Prod and QA environment

·Configure Introscope PowerPacks, agents in WebSphere, Weblogic, JBoss, Tomcat application servers

·Configure Introscope PowerPacks for MQ middleware servers

·Configure EPAgents to monitor non-Java/.net metrics

·Install and Configure Enterprise Managers & MOMs

·Plan & Configure span traffic for capturing data through CA TIM

·Work with multiple teams, gather monitoring requirements for their applications

·Onboard critical applications to CA Wily Introscope

·Create stakeholder specific dashboards for performance & availability of key business processes, applications and underlying infrastructure

·Handle Performance testing initiatives for analysis and troubleshooting performance issues in PROD and QA environments

·Create Metric Groups & Alerts in CA Wily Introscope for Service, Application & Infrastructure availability & performance

·Ability to drill down and identify bottleneck during performance issues

·Analyze and provide recommendations to performance issues in J2EE and .Net tiers.

·Perform Probe configurations and Leakhunter based analysis

·Create customized reports for various stakeholders involved in capacity planning, workload analysis & forecasting

·Ability to size monitoring environment and architecture for future demands

·Train project teams to leverage CA APM


After critical applications have been on-boarded in production and monitoring, reporting have been established, configure and use CA CEM for capturing End User Experience. Configure Defect & Service management in CEM and support forwarding APM incidents and alerts to SSA.


I appreciate your response and look forward to working with you….





Thanks & Regards,


Sunanda Surendra

Direct : 703 879 3455  Fax : 866 594 4637

22375 Broderick Drive, Suite 135, Dulles, VA 20166.
sunanda [at] stansource [dot] com


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