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Freetle, a Streaming* XML transformation library in Scala

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Lucas Bruand
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I am currently working on Freetle, a Streaming* XML transformation
library in Scala comparable to STX/Joost in term of functionnality.
Freetle relies scala Combinators to parse the transformation language
and Continuation Passing Style to deal with transformer state. Freetle
is still very beta. A lot polishing is to be done before it gets
production-ready but the main features are here.

Freetle's sourcecode and doc is currently accessible under the Apache
2.0 license at:

Although Freetle is still a sketch of what it could be, I would
nonetheless be very interested to get feedback/help/ideas/proposal/
etc... from the scala XML community.


PS: By streaming, I mean that the document is not loaded in memory but
is a stream of StAX-tokens.

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