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Pickler disagrees with others (in latest trunk)

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After upgrading to latest trunk in scalagwt project I run into this situation:
   [scalac] // Scala source: ContentWidget.scala   [scalac] package {    [scalac]   object ContentWidget extends java.lang.Object with ScalaObject {....   [scalac]   };   [scalac]   abstract class ContentWidget extends with[java.lang.Integer] with ScalaObject { ....(printed by -Xprint:explicitouter)
After compilation is finished I do:
grek-imac:scalagwt-sample grek$ scalap -cp war/WEB-INF/classes package class ContentWidget extends with[scala.Integer] with scala.ScalaObject { ....
Notice then pickler put Integer type into scala package. Any ideas what might cause pickler to disagree with the rest of the world? I'd love to have isolated example but haven't been successful at narrowing it down.
Grzegorz Kossakowski

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