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Scala 2.8.2 RC2

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After backporting a few additional fixes, we are releasing a new
release candidate for the next maintenance release in our old 2.8.x
series: Scala 2.8.2 RC1 is now available from our Download Page,

This release addresses some issues present in Scala 2.8.1, and
includes the changes needed to make it compatible with the new
Scala IDE for Eclipse. This maintenance release is intended to
be fully binary compatible with the existing version 2.8.1.

Please help us with the testing of this release candidate, and
let us know of any binary incompatibility issues, or other
problems. The list of improvements in Scala 2.8.2 RC2 is
available below.

The Scala 2.8.2 distribution

This Release Candidate is made available for testing purposes
only and is not intended for production environments. We will
wait at least two weeks before issuing a final release, in order
to allow developers and testers to send us their feedback.

What is new?

The 2.8.2 release of Scala includes many bug fixes and
improvements, in particular:

* Added compatibility with the new presentation compiler,
required by the new Scala IDE for Eclipse

* Fixes for:

* Improvements and fixes related to signatures, nested
objects, and actors

* Other fixes and improvements (see the complete list below)

The following changes have been included:

23893, 24385, 24466, 24689, 24691, 24916, 24918, 24955, 25173,
25174, 25175, 25176, 25177, 25178, 25179, 25180, 25181, 25182,
25183, 25184, 25185, 25186, 25187, 25188, 25189, 25190, 25191,
25192, 25193, 25194, 25195, 25196, 25197, 25198, 25199, 25200,
25201, 25211, 25252, 25291, 25378.


Note: at this time we are phasing out our old sbaz package
manager in order to move to newer tools like Maven, sbt, etc.
Sbaz is currently deprecated, and it will no longer be available
as part of the Scala distribution in the future.

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