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Possible Scala role in London, UK

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Please forgive the recruitment spam - we're struggling to find the right candidates for this role, and I thought that there might be someone on this list who might be interested (or know someone who might).

TouchType's SwiftKey input method for Android has consistently been one of the best-selling Android applications worldwide since its launch last year.

Although to date we've been focussing on client-side development, we're currently looking to build a server-side team. To that end, we're looking for talented server-side developers to help us design and build a suite of web services. These will build upon our "Fluency" Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology.

We are already heavy users of Scala and are considering Scala as the core technology for our server side components.

The ideal candidate will have experience of developing "carrier grade" (highly reliable and scalable) web services on the JVM. In addition, experience of ANY/SOME of the following would be desirable:

- Automated testing and test-driven or test-first development
- Agile, iterative development
- Load testing
- Scaling to large numbers of users
- Automatic deployment
- Natural Language Processing
- Machine Learning
- Javascript
- Ajax and Comet
- Prototype or jQuery
- RESTful web services
- Mobile web development
- Ruby/JRuby on Rails
- NoSQL-style databases
- Facebook/Twitter/Gmail integration

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