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Looking for help on getting IDEA working with Scala _right_

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Ken McDonald
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Since there is currently another big discussion ongoing related to this, I figured now would be an appropriate time to ask my questions :-)
I've been using IDEA/sbt with Scala for quite some time now, but have never fully figured out the nuances of getting IDEA correctly configured--this has produced (mostly) minor annoyances that I simply ignore. But it would be nice to have it working right.
I'm on Mac OS X Lion. I keep a current Scala  distribution in /Applications/bin/scala (there because the system directories are all invisible in the Finder, darn it), which I use to run Scala in a terminal.
To create a new Scala project, I first run SBT in the new directory, then run the sbt idea plugin to create the necessary IDEA files. Then I open the project in IDEA.
The first thing that's wrong is that in "Project Structure", the Project SDK is invalid; I need to select the Scala SDK from the popup menu.
Also in Project Structure, in Project Settings: Libraries, I have to configurations defined, "buildScala" which defines the scala version and files used by sbt when it is doing a build, and "defScala", which defines the class, source, and doc files used by the project itself. I typically have to add files to "defScala" by hand.
That's probably a good start in describing what I'm trying to figure out. Any suggestions for getting this process working properly would be appreciated.


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