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Colladoc 1.0 Beta 4 Announcement

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Sergey Ignatov
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Hi everyone,

I would like to announce availability of the new public version of
Colladoc. As usual, you can try the new version online
( for the Scala standard

This version of Colladoc introduces number of long-awaited and highly
anticipated features. There is a completely new administration
interface, public user profiles, user discussions and more advanced
comment management just to name a few. Many issues from previous
versions have been fixed and many existing features have also been

To find out more about the new functionality, please read the related
blog post at official Colladoc blog (
In case you find any issues or come up with an idea for improvement,
please report them to our bug tracker
( or directly via email.

I would be very pleased to answer any of your questions.


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