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Speaking at OSCON

Martin Odersky gives an opening keynote at OSCON Java: Working hard to keep it simple.

Here is the abstract:

Today’s world of parallel and distributed computing poses hard new challenges for software development. A rapidly increasing number of developers now have to deal with races, deadlocks, non-determinism, and we are ill-equipped to do so. How can we keep things simple, in spite of the complexity of the underlying runtimes?

In my keynote I present some of the core technology that was developed in Scala to deal with the parallelism challenge: Parallel collections, actors, and parallel domain-specific languages. They have in common that each involves a sophisticated implementation, yet provides a simple, intuitive toolkit to the developer.

The slides of the keynote are available on slideshare.


The keynote is followed by two talks later this day:

Future-proofing Collections: From Mutable to Persistent to Parallel


Above the Clouds: Introducing Akka








Re: Speaking at OSCON

Re: Speaking at OSCON

I'm curious -- in slide 16: Does that mean we can now / soon do

case people: Set[Person] => ... 

without a compiler warning?

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