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Let's kill

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As much as I love to tell those "language experts" to spend more than
5 minutes on the website before judging Scala, could we maybe start
fixing documentation on the webpage which is just completely insane?

E. g.:
Simple Examples
A list of simple Scala snippets, useful to understand some basics of
the language, as well as to see what Scala code looks like.

And then doing Stuff with ClassManifests and implicits?!

I heard that Heather had already some thoughts about how the "future
of documentation" should look like ... maybe we could get things done
this time, before the usual Scala-bashing starts again when those
"pragmatic, industrial experts" introduce their next Java successor?

Thanks and bye,


Yuvi Masory
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Re: Let's kill
Hey soc, mind if I hijack this a tiny bit? How about a "nodes to delete" thread.I'll add this one:
Many  many problems with that page, but I love this one the most:
Is Scala stable enough for real-life projects?
In general, yes.
Now that's how you market a language!
Ps But seriously people, Heather is working hard on the new doc site. But there's a ton of work to be done about the existing nodes at the moment. Some should be murdered, others brought up to date, others linked to so people can find them, etc. 

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