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Eclipse IDE for Scala beta6 is available now

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We are happy to announce that the beta6 release of the Eclipse IDE forScala is ready for download! This release comes in two flavors: the2.9.0-1 version, and the 2.8.2-SNAPSHOT version.
The 2.8 compiler shipped with this version of the plugin is based onthe development branch of 2.8.2, and is fully binary compatible with2.8.1. It contains the same improvements to the presentation compiler as the 2.9 version, and a number of bug fixes related to Java signatures.
What's new:
- Eclipse 3.7.0 (Indigo) compatibility
- Improved stability (correct use of 'ask' calls)
- Organize Imports improvements: various configuration options and support for adding missing imports.
- Removed dummy features used for upgrading from the old 2.7 IDE
- Better description of the JDT weaving feature when installing it
- JDT weaving plugin is the latest released version. We were using the    development repository, and that caused conflicts on installation,     when the user had AspectJ (or was using STS) installed -- requiring    the user to unselect the JDT weaving plugin from our update    site. Now the versions are the same, and no conflict is reported
- New REPL view: Launch by selecting text and pressing Ctrl+Shift+X   (Cmd+Shift+X on the Mac). A different key combination can be set by   going to General -> Keys, and redefining the key binding for "Send    Selection to REPL."  The interpreter can be stopped and restarted,   with optional replay. NOTE: the colon commands (e.g. ":implicits")   that work in the terminal REPL do not yet work in this REPL view,    but this will be fixed for the next beta.
- Other bug fixes
ou can install the new release by pointing Eclipse to the followingupdate site:
* for the 2.9.0-1 version:
* for the 2.8.2 version:
Other releases can be found at:
As all previous releases, both plugins require Eclipse 3.6 (Helios).

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