New Course: “Programming Reactive Systems”

We are excited to announce the release of a new MOOC: Programming Reactive Systems!

This seven weeks long course teaches you how to use “reactive programming” techniques for implementing scalable, resilient and responsive systems. Skills you will learn include how to:

  • use, transform and sequence asynchronous computations using Future values,
  • write concurrent systems based on Akka actors,
  • design systems resilient to failures,
  • implement systems that scale out according to varying workloads,
  • define well-typed communication protocols using Akka Typed,
  • process large streams of data with limited resources using Akka Streams,
  • understand how back-pressure controls flows of data.

The course is taught by two experts of the field:

In case you have followed the former “Principles of Functional Reactive Programming in Scala” course a couple of years ago, this course contains updated material as well as three weeks of new material on Akka Typed and Akka Streams.

The first session will start on February 18th, 2019. You can sign up and audit the course for free or pursue a certificate.