Scala Workshop (Scala2013) Program Announced!

Tuesday 21 May 2013


The Scala2013 Workshop Program is now available! We’re quite excited about this year’s program– we received a record number of submissions, leading to a first-class program spanning compilation & metaprogramming, parallelism/concurrency, verification & synthesis, debugging tools and more!

In order to accomodate as many quality submissions as we could, we teamed up with the organizers of the LaME’13 workshop (short for “Languages for the Multicore Era”) to co-sponsor a special Scala parallelism/concurrency session that will take place on July 1st. That means we will now be having Scala2013 talks on two days– July 1st & 2nd.

Please join us this summer in Montpellier! For more info, and to register, visit: