package nsc

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AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. trait CommonRunner extends AnyRef

  2. trait CompilationUnits extends AnyRef

  3. class CompileSocket extends CompileOutputCommon

    This class manages sockets for the fsc offline compiler.

  4. class CompilerCommand extends AnyRef

    A class representing command line info for scalac

  5. class ConsoleWriter extends Writer

    A Writer that writes onto the Scala Console.

  6. abstract class Driver extends AnyRef

  7. trait EvalLoop extends AnyRef

  8. type FatalError = reflect.internal.FatalError

  9. class GenericRunnerCommand extends CompilerCommand

    A command for ScriptRunner

  10. class GenericRunnerSettings extends Settings

  11. class Global extends SymbolTable with CompilationUnits with Plugins with PhaseAssembly with Trees with Printers with DocComments with Positions

  12. abstract class GlobalSymbolLoaders extends SymbolLoaders

    Symbol loaders implementation that wires dependencies using Global.

  13. trait HasCompileSocket extends AnyRef

  14. class MainClass extends Driver with EvalLoop

    The main class for NSC, a compiler for the programming language Scala.

  15. type MissingRequirementError = reflect.internal.MissingRequirementError

  16. type Mode = reflect.internal.Mode

  17. class NewLinePrintWriter extends PrintWriter

  18. class OfflineCompilerCommand extends CompilerCommand

    A compiler command for the offline compiler.

  19. type Phase = reflect.internal.Phase

  20. trait PhaseAssembly extends AnyRef

    Converts an unordered morass of components into an order that satisfies their mutual constraints.

  21. class ScriptRunner extends HasCompileSocket

    An object that runs Scala code in script files.

  22. class Settings extends MutableSettings

    A compatibility stub.

  23. class StandardCompileClient extends HasCompileSocket with CompileOutputCommon

    The client part of the fsc offline compiler.

  24. class StandardCompileServer extends SocketServer

    The server part of the fsc offline compiler.

  25. abstract class SubComponent extends AnyRef

    An nsc sub-component.

  26. type Variance = reflect.internal.Variance

Value Members

  1. object CompileClient extends StandardCompileClient

  2. object CompileServer extends StandardCompileServer

  3. object CompileSocket extends CompileSocket

  4. def EXPRmode: reflect.internal.Mode

  5. val FatalError: reflect.internal.FatalError.type

  6. object GenericRunnerCommand

  7. object Global

  8. object Main extends MainClass

  9. object MainBench extends Driver with EvalLoop

    The main class for NSC, a compiler for the programming language Scala.

  10. object MainTokenMetric

    The main class for NSC, a compiler for the programming language Scala.

  11. val MissingRequirementError: reflect.internal.MissingRequirementError.type

  12. val Mode: reflect.internal.Mode.type

  13. val NoPhase: reflect.internal.NoPhase.type

  14. object ObjectRunner extends CommonRunner

    An object that runs another object specified by name.

  15. object Properties extends PropertiesTrait

    Loads from the jar archive file.

  16. object ScriptRunner extends ScriptRunner

  17. val Variance: reflect.internal.Variance.type

  18. package ast

  19. package backend

  20. package io

  21. package javac

  22. package plugins

  23. package reporters

  24. package settings

  25. package symtab

  26. package transform

  27. package typechecker

  28. package util

Deprecated Value Members

  1. lazy val ListOfNil: List[List[Nothing]]


    (Since version 2.11.0) Use scala.reflect.internal.util.ListOfNil

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