package partest

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AnyRef, Any
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Type Members

  1. trait ASMConverters extends AnyRef

    Makes using ASM from ByteCodeTests more convenient.

  2. sealed trait AsmNode[+T] extends AnyRef

  3. abstract class BytecodeTest extends ASMConverters

    Provides utilities for inspecting bytecode using ASM library.

  4. abstract class CompilerTest extends DirectTest

    For testing compiler internals directly.

  5. abstract class DirectTest extends App

    A class for testing code which is embedded as a string.

  6. abstract class IcodeTest extends DirectTest

    A trait for testing icode.

  7. abstract class MemoryTest extends AnyRef

  8. class PartestTask extends Task with CompilationPathProperty

    An Ant task to execute the Scala test suite (NSC).

  9. abstract class ReplTest extends DirectTest

    A trait for testing repl code.

  10. abstract class ScaladocModelTest extends DirectTest

    A class for testing scaladoc model generation

  11. abstract class SecurityTest extends App

  12. trait SigTest extends AnyRef

    Support code for testing signatures.

  13. trait StoreReporterDirectTest extends DirectTest

  14. class TestState extends AnyRef

  15. trait TestUtil extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AsmNode

  2. object PartestDefaults

  3. object TestState

  4. object TestUtil extends TestUtil

  5. def allPropertiesString: String

  6. def basename(name: String): String

  7. def callable[T](body: ⇒ T): Callable[T]

  8. def file2String(f: File): String

  9. implicit lazy val implicitConversions: implicitConversions

  10. package instrumented

  11. def isPartestDebug: Boolean

  12. package nest

  13. def path2String(path: String): String

  14. implicit lazy val postfixOps: postfixOps

  15. def resultsToStatistics(results: Iterable[Tuple2[_, TestState]]): (Int, Int)

  16. def showAllJVMInfo(): Unit

  17. def timed[T](body: ⇒ T): (T, Long)

  18. def trace[A](a: A): A

    trace("".isEmpty) will return true and as a side effect print the following to standard out.

    trace("".isEmpty) will return true and as a side effect print the following to standard out.

    trace> "".isEmpty
    res: Boolean = true

    An alternative to that avoids the inconvenience of embedding test code in a string.

    @macroImpl( ... )
  19. def traceImpl[A](c: Context)(a: reflect.macros.Context.Expr[A])(implicit arg0: reflect.macros.Context.WeakTypeTag[A]): reflect.macros.Context.Expr[A]

  20. package utils

  21. def vmArgString: String

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