Scala API

This document is the API specification for Scala Library

Class Summary
class Lexer extends StdLexical with ImplicitConversions
class Parser extends StdTokenParsers with ImplicitConversions
Object Summary
object JSON extends Parser
This object provides a simple interface to the JSON parser class. The default conversion for numerics is into a double. If you wish to override this behavior at the global level, you can set the globalNumberParser property to your own (String => Any) function. If you only want to override at the per-thread level then you can set the perThreadNumberParser property to your function. For example:
 val myConversionFunc = {input : String => BigDecimal(input)}
 // Global override
 JSON.globalNumberParser = myConversionFunc
 // Per-thread override
 JSON.perThreadNumberParser = myConversionFunc