Scala API

This document is the API specification for Scala Library

Class Summary
class NonLocalReturnException [T](val key : AnyRef, val value : T) extends java.lang.RuntimeException with AnyRef
final class RichBoolean (x : Boolean) extends Proxy with Ordered[Boolean]
final class RichByte (x : Byte) extends Proxy with Ordered[Byte]
final class RichChar (x : Char) extends Proxy with Ordered[Char]
final class RichDouble (x : Double) extends Proxy with Ordered[Double]
final class RichException (exc : java.lang.Throwable) extends AnyRef
final class RichFloat (x : Float) extends Proxy with Ordered[Float]
final class RichInt (start : Int) extends Proxy with Ordered[Int]
final class RichLong (x : Long) extends Proxy with Ordered[Long]
final class RichShort (start : Short) extends Proxy with Ordered[Short]
final class RichString (val self : java.lang.String) extends Proxy with RandomAccessSeq[Char] with Ordered[java.lang.String]
final class RichStringBuilder (val self : StringBuilder) extends Mutable[Char] with Proxy with Buffer[Char]
Object Summary
object RichString extends AnyRef